“Start It Up, Slovenia” goes to Miami

July 21, 2017


"Start It Up, Slovenia" ("Štartaj Slovenija") and its award-winning spree expands internationally. After winning silver at Warc Innovation Award, the project got recognised at NATPA forum in Budapest with its international potential and originality. In January, its creators will present their work in front of six thousand people.

NATPA, business forum, which brings together big players in the industry of content broadcasters and media platform CEETV, held PITCH & PLAY LIVE competition in Budapest and selected the most innovative television formats of 2016.

The three member committee selected projects based on three criteria: the originality of the idea, universality, and international potential. The joint project between agency Formitas BBDO, media house Pro Plus and retailer Spar Slovenia took home public choice award.

“We’ve come to a conclusion that young people in Slovenia have bold business ideas yet don’t have enough resources and tools to make a breakthrough. The format of Start It Up Slovenia broke down gap and contributed to the realization of business opportunities in the Slovenian market. The success and international recognition of this format exceeded all initial expectation. We are also thrilled with the invitation to officially present the show at the largest international NATPA event in  Miami in January 2018,” commented Aleš Muhič, Pro Plus Marketing Director.


“Štartaj Slovenija” Goes Silver at WARC Innovation Awards 2017

May 1, 2017


"Štartaj Slovenija"''s award-winning spree continues. After winning Grand Prix in Integrated at 26th SOF, the joint project between agency Formitas BBDO, media house Pro Plus and retailer Spar Slovenia won silver at Warc Innovation Award. Let's not forget it's been the only campaign on the shortlist that made it from continental Europe.

“Štartaj Slovenija” involved 12 entrepreneurs who presented 12 products, which were introduced to Slovenian public. Also, they earned their place on the shelves of Interspar mega markets., dedicated to the products of “Štartaj Slovenija”.

“Start Slovenia” is the project that is based on the concept of co-creating brand values along with its consumers in the aim of increasing the value of all brands participating in the project, via high project involvement of target consumers”, said Mitja Tuškej, partner at Formitas.

 See full list of shortlisted works and winners here.


Pavel Vrabec Is the Advertising Person Of The Year 2016 In Slovenia

March 28, 2017


General Assembly of Slovenian advertising chamber (SOZ) named Pavel Vrabec, director general at mediahouse Pro Plus, as its Advertising person of the year.

Pavel Vrabec, director general of Pro Plus

The Slovenian advertising chamber’s prestigious Advertising Person of the Year award recognises men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the Slovenian advertising industry and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards and creative excellence. Vrabec has been the Effie Slovenia Awards jury president, juror at Slovenian advertising festivals and president of the assembly of the Slovenian advertising chamber.

Vrabec has been managing Pro Plus for the last 8 years. He took over the managing position at the times of big changes in media, television and business world. SOZ’s general assembly explained Pro Plus under Vrabec’s leadership established itself as an important player in Slovenian advertising.

Slovenian advertising festival received 396 entries this year

 26th SOF reports an increase of 31 percent compared to 2016. 396 entries will compete in thirteen categories. The submitted projects will be judged by Gal Erbežnik, jury president and a creative excellence consultant, Gregor Ahman, art director at advertising agency Havas Vienna, Miha Bevc, partner and creative director at advertising agency BPCS, Vasilije Ćorluka, executive creative director at advertising agency Publicis One Macedonia, Matija Kocbek, head of design and innovation at advertising agency Pristop, Tine Lugarič, creative director at advertising agency Luna\TBWA, Katja Petrin Dornik, creative director at advertising agency Grey Ljubljana, Matej Praprotnik, assistant director for radio strategies at Radio Slovenia, and Peter Šepetavc, head of marketing at Mediately.

When the time comes for judging the shortlisted works, the jury will be joined by three additional members, who have been named by the Slovenian association of advertisers. These members are Anja Jurca, communication and customer relations manager at Hofer Slovenia, Andrej Krajner, communications director at NLB, and Matevž Šmalc, head of brand and experience at Si.mobil.


Pro Plus Reported an Increase in Mobile users

August 8, 2016


Slovenian multimedia company Pro Plus, the owner of news website reports both app and mobile site usage increase. The company also reports an increase in time spent on an app and the number of websites visited via mobile.

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Slovenian multimedia company Pro Plus, the owner of news website reports the website hit 100 thousand monthly mobile users for the first time ever, while the time mobile users spent on the website increased as well. As seen on the graph, number of monthly app users reached more than 100 thousand  via while the number of users of reached more than 845 thousand (graph below).

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According to Pro Plus, the trend of an increased mobile ad spending will continue. “We put a special focus on mobile ad spending as we’ve been intensively working on mobile development. We’re working on upgrades to provide best user experience possible. Moreover, advertisers receive exclusive and creative possibilities of placing their ads,” the company said. The company introduced mobile video ads as well as mobile pre-roll ads and full-screen banners.


Aleš Muhič, Pro Plus: “TV is stronger than ever”

May 11, 2016


Pro Plus, number one television and digital content provider in Slovenia revenue growth in 2015 signals that Slovenian advertising market is in a positive mood again. MM spoke to one of the most experienced television businessmen in the region, Aleš Muhič, head of sales at Pro Plus. He explains how investment in local programs brought them excellent results in first half of 2016 and how television is stronger than ever (not just locally, but worldwide). As an expert on clients from the region, he stresses that regional clients are valued as much as Slovenian.

"Several clients who have in recent years almost completely cancelled their advertising budget have returned in the past year."
“Several clients who have in recent years almost completely cancelled their advertising budget have returned in the past year.”

Marketing Magazin has estimated 5% net revenue growth of the media in Slovenia for 2015. What does your data show? Have Slovenian media incomes finally started to grow?

Certainly we feel the recovery of the advertising market and fresh confidence on the clients’ side. Carefully and thoughtfully, they have increased the advertising investments. In comparison with 2014, our net sales revenues have increased by 5.5 percent, which means we have slightly outperformed in comparison with the growth of the market.

Which are the main factors for the better results in general? New clients? More optimistic customers who are willing to spend? What would you say?

Speaking for Pro Plus, the main reasons are courageous program and production investments and innovative sales approaches. We did not wait for better times, we created them. But the basis of every business encouragement is the vitality and growth of the gross domestic product. A movement of GDP is always reflected in a proportional movement of advertising investments. This is closely related to the general state of mind in the country and last year’s optimism has done its job. Consumption has increased, which resulted in revenue and business development. Several clients who have in recent years almost completely cancelled their advertising budget have returned in the past year. The number of advertisers in our media, in comparison with the previous year, has increased.

 In November 2015, Pop TV announced its “heavy artillery” – a “full-on” own production attack with dramas, reality shows, family shows, sports and other program formats made and produced by Pop TV. How successful were these investments in terms of GRPs, shares, and value for advertisers?

I am very pleased to say we have hit the nail on the head with our spring schedule and production decisions. We have never before produced so many hours of local production in one season. Not only do we produce the most watched shows and series, with much confidence we can say we have the most diverse production in the country. It attracts on average 49 percent of all PT viewers daily (source AGB Nielsen, January – April, live viewing), which is a rare achievement of televisions in the world. Selling such an offering demands adaptation and presents completely new opportunities. It enables much more new, modern, advanced possibilities for creative involvement, such as product placement, branded content and others and thereof enables new ways of adding value to advertising investments.

"We have never before produced so many hours of local production in one season."
“We have never before produced so many hours of local production in one season.”

Why are domestic, own produced formats and program so important for Pop TV, and, I imagine, local television programs in Europe in general?

With local content you inevitably come closer to the local consumer and viewer. It enables flexibility in terms of the range of advertising tools, creativity in advertising solutions, uniqueness and local relevance. Production of entertainment with the most experienced people in the market, willing to cooperate with agencies and clients, results in high added value for businesses, brands and people.

You attend lots of international television conferences. What are the key words you have been hearing lately?

There are four major topics especially relevant for television media and television advertising in general: monetization of television content on all distribution platforms, hear about it in conferences, we are very active in implementing and integrating all.

TV is stronger than ever. Five years ago, television companies started to invest more time and effort in digital as a sharp detour of advertising money to digital was expected. Are we correct in saying that digital investments have slowed down in last 2 years and that television is “business as usual”?

I would hardly say that digital is slowing down, on the contrary it is getting stronger but it certainly has been facing the same issues for probably too long: unclear measurability, currency for evaluating added value, strong but not transparent international players. I don’t think the public is getting complete information on investments in digital media; the reported numbers are lower from real investments so the global picture on digital is unclear and with a lot of question marks. Our commitment is to make the best out of the digital context in which we live in terms of business, technological and content opportunities.

"TV is stronger than ever."
“TV is stronger than ever.”

Pop TV is the number one advertising media in Slovenia. What promises can you give to advertisers from the region?

 We have been the market leader for over 15 years now and we are strongly determined to remain in this position. We are committed to creating high quality content, with the strongest advertising efficiency and highest audience share almost every day of the year. Relations with our business partners are in the heart of our business way. We will continue offering them the most diverse, efficient and creative ways to build their market awareness. And it is no secret that making business with Pro Plus is not only hard work, searching for new ways and innovation, but also a lot of fun.

The region is becoming more and more interconnected, regional advertisers are becoming more important, and so on. How important are regional clients for Pop TV?

Regional clients are domestic clients for us. We follow the markets in each country, we understand the language, people, culture and we have already proved we can do great things together. In person meetings indispensable for successful partnership and efficient solutions are regular and simple to make. As the saying goes “far from the eyes, far from the heart”, so it is in our interest, if I do not even mention the economic interest of the region, that international companies make local decisions from within the borders of the region. Pro Plus as the market leader can offer advertisers best results with lots of creativity, flexibility and local awareness. Cooperation is a key and so far I can say there is will and courage on both sides.