There are no mistakes, only lessons. And a cold one.

June 22, 2017


Beer brand Pan and McCann Zagreb teamed for a campaign that focuses on a simple, yet realistic fact – nobody's perfect.

A creative idea is based on a fact that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. Therefore, sometimes checking out a charming barman during a date may be a good idea and that exercising may a little bit overrated (especially in the time when we have those “magic” belts that bring us abs). Finally, Pan’s here to help, saying #NitkoNijeSavršen (nobody’s perfect). A pint and good friends are all you need to cheer up and forget about the mistakes.

“We have to admit this is has been one of the best experience so far. From the very beginning of the project to creation of a new positioning, development of creative solutions to production of TV spots. Everything went smooth,” remarked Mislav Pavić, marketing manager mainstream segment, and Vlatka Večerin, brand manager mainstream segment. “The results beat our expectations. Results have been outstanding as well so we can be clear on that we created something amazing in the last few months.”


Chief creative director: Daniel Vuković

Copywriter: Boris Miletić

Art director: Igor Miletić

Project managers: Saša Ivan and Ines Kalinić

Production: Mint2

Director: Đorđe Jovanović



Hrvatski Telekom’s kind of magic

June 5, 2017


McCann Zagreb, the agency of the year in Croatia, created a futuristic ad for Hrvatski Telekom that shows the benefits of its MAXtv. The campaign comes with a slogan "You'll feel like you're there".

Hrvatski Telekom launched a product of the new generation in its tv portfolio. To higlight its superior quality, the agency created »magical« campaign, fireflies included. It’s not that the family in the ad went for a should walk to a nearby forrest, it’s the quality of the tv and support services that make you feel like you’re there.


Client: Hrvatski Telekom

Agency: McCann Zagreb

Creative director: Daniel Vuković

Copywriters: Ivan Čadež and Boris Miletić

Art director: Igor Miletić

Web designer: Žarko Kuvalja

Project managers: Bianka Stojanov, Petra Mateljan and Ana-Marija Žarak

Director: Toma Brejc

Production: Mint2

Post-production: Primer Studio



Job Ad On Another Level

April 19, 2017


McCann Zagreb, agency of the year in Croatia, and OOH provider Outdoor Akzent teamed up for an interesting project. Half job ad, half an assignment, the candidates will not have it easy.

The campaign could be without a doubt featured in our MMJobs section. However, Outdoor Akzent is looking for a person who will be in charge of media buying. Nothing new until one realizes the company posted a job ad on its own medium – a billboard. To be more exact, on 6 billboards. Furthermore, the ad also works as a test for potential candidates.

By the way, send your CVs with your solutions to


Equality Matters

April 4, 2017


Creative shop McCann Zagreb and Hrvatski Telekom continue their collaboration. In a spring campaign titled “Equality” the telecom communicates the message that both new and existing users are treated equally.

Portraying a family breakfast, we see and older brother being uncomfortable as his newborn brother enjoys the attention of both parents. Well, he was mistaken. “With “Equality” we aim to change the perception of users of our services about inequality between new and existing users. With this campaign, we make it clear. At Hrvatski Telekom, every user is treated equally, which is proved by the offering,” the company explained.


Creative direktor: Daniel Vuković

Copywriter:  Ivan Čadež


McCann Zagreb Appoints Tomislav Presečki As Managing Director

March 1, 2017


Tomislav Presečki, who has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising, has been appointed as new McCann Zagreb managing director. He will work on business operations of the agency and will contribute to the development of the strategic and creative solutions.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 20.52.22
Tomislav Presečki, new managing director at McCann Zagreb

“I am proud to be coming back to the agency where I earned my first allowance. I am going to be working with a great team of professionals with exceptional knowledge, experience and creativity which already enjoys great confidence of our partners in managing their brands,” Presečki wrote in a press release. “It goes without saying that this position is challenging but it is also a stimulus to further develop our business and achieve strategic goals of the agency, together with the entire agency team.”


Former McCann Zagreb Copywriter Luka Pervan Joins Señor as Creative Director

January 31, 2017


Zagreb-based advertising agency Señor strengthened its creative department as Luka Pervan, former copywriter at McCann Zagreb, has been appointed as its new creative director.

Luka Pervan. Photo: Sanjin Kastelan
Luka Pervan. Photo: Sanjin Kastelan

Third anniversary, third creative director at Señor. The agency and its newly appointed creative director already collaborated on 2014 project Sloganini, i.e. domestic slogans with a goal of an overview of our industry, copyright protection and a call for a more creative and better communication in a public space. An Economics graduate, Pervan has 9 years of experience in the industry and has worked with both domestic and international brands such as Hrvatski Telekom, Bonbon, Cedevita, Diners Club, HBO-a and Amnesty International. Nevertheless, he worked on some award-winning projects as well.

Check out Señor’s “Our Top 10” campaigns here.


HT’s New Campaign Goes Entrepreneurial

November 15, 2016


Croatian Telekom (HT) launched a new campaign aimed at entrepreneurs, who "live" their brands and companies. Created by advertising agencies McCann Zagreb and Fahrenheit, “My Kingdom” shows the benefits of its services and a new communication platform.

The television ad aims to raise the awareness that HT is a one-stop-shop providing the best telecommunications services for business customers there is on the market. New campaign comes under a slogan “This is not just any company. This is your company!”, and hints at crucial elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem – it is not just about a hotel, it’s your castle! Also, HT’s new communication platform is aimed at small and mid-size businesses. “We will use this communication platform for the next two to three years to highlight our key advantages and differences compared to the competition,” said Jerko Dumanić, sector director – business marketing at HT.


Creative director: Daniel Vuković

Art director Igor Miletić

Copywriter: Boris Miletić

Project managers: Sanja Nikolić and Bianka Stojanov

Director: Tomo Brejc

Production: Mint2


MM’s Top of the Week

November 6, 2016


MM introduces a selection of the most read media, advertising and marketing stories from the past week, ended on the 4th of November. Two interviews top this week's list of most read stories and for a good reason. Besides some great insight into #AgencyLife, Executive Group's presentation video shows they sure do work AND play hard. Also, Fullhouse Ogilvy, McCann Sarajevo and McCann Zagreb launched new campaigns which are certainly worth checking out!

dreamstime_xl_24830829-768x526 (1)

Work Hard, Play Hard

“I think we should be doing communications and advertising the way you do something you love”, thinks Vesna Ćeranić, Associate Partner at one of the most well known integrated communications agencies in Serbia and in the region, Executive Group. In a video, the agency shows off some moves to Wiz Khalifa’s »Work hard, play hard« as well.

Creativity in the Agency Is Everyone’s Responsibility

In September, Imago Ogilvy, the only Croatian agency with a Cannes Lion, appointed its first ever female creative director, Mirka Modrinić. The agency stated she “has joined the hunt for new Lions and innovative campaigns”. So how did she enjoy the hunt so far?

Things Only Real Men Do

Belgrade-based agency Fullhouse Ogilvy created an integrated campaign for the Atlantic Group’s brand ŠEF, a new pâté brand on Serbia’s market that is aimed at “true” meat lovers. Centered around newly created character with a sharp tone of communication, brand “made sure their target group heard them loud and clear”.

20 Years of Walking Together

Be it a purely fashion accessory or sheer necessity, Banja Luka-based brand of socks Gloria line has been literally walking the walk alongside kids, men and women from all over the region. The brand celebrates its 20th anniversary and advertising agency McCann Sarajevo took care of its communication on Facebook.

Online Is Fine!

Erste Bank Serbia in collaboration with advertising agency Executive Group rolled out the latest campaign for its loan services, only to sweeten things up a bit by introducing an online cash loan feature.

Kaktus 2016: McCann Belgrade is the Agency of the Year

The second Serbian national festival of integrated communications Kaktus announced its winners. McCann Belgrade was named the agency of the Year while Strauss Adriatic won the title of the Advertiser of the Year.

Abrakadabra Keeps Your Restless Fingers Busy

Croatian advertising agencies McCann Zagreb and Fahrenheit collaborated with a webshop Abrakadabra which emphasizes its user-friendly features.

Havas Media Group Opened an Office in the Region

Havas Media Group, one of the world’s largest media networks, has expanded its reach with the opening of four new offices across emerging markets, including Havas Media Adriatic, which will be located in Belgrade and will provide its services in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Three Agencies From the Region Shortlisted at Google Premier Partner Awards 2016

Red Orbit and D’Agency (Slovenia) and 404 (Croatia) have been shortlisted at Google Premier Partner Awards 2016. Tech giant’s competition recognises “digital agencies that push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web are invited to get in the game.”

Do You Know an Alternative to Consumerism?

Slovenian outdoor advertising provider TAM-TAM in collaboration with UMANOTERA, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development, announced the seventh Plaktivat competition for the best design of a city billboard poster on the topic of alternative to consumerism. In an international spirit, Plaktivat’s calling out creators from the ex-Yugoslavian countries to submit their entries.


Finally a Person Who Loves Her Bank

October 20, 2016


Do you know someone who loves or even praises his/her bank and its services? Well, Croatian agencies McCann Zagreb and Fahrenheit found someone who does in their newest campaign for Raiffeisen Bank.

Video ads show a lady who openly talks about her love with her bank (Raifeissen bank that is) in a funny way. Considering the fact there are not that many people out there who publicly praise their bank it would be interesting to see the reactions of general public. What about old ladies gossiping you to the bone? Or tourists taking photos of you being a part of an extremely rare species? Check the videos below to find that out.


Copywriters: Daniel Vuković, Goran Božić

Art director: Sonja Zavacki Čepelak

Project managers: Blanka Stojanov, Ines Kalinić

Production: Švenk

Director: Nevi Marasović

Camera: Sven Pepeonik


MM’s Top of the Week

October 16, 2016


MM introduces a selection of the most read media, advertising and marketing stories from the past week, ended on the 14th of October. This week we have a tie for the first place, meaning Señor's new campaign for its client, pharmaceuticals manufacturer Mylon and an interview with McCann's Sarajevo managing director Vesna Vlašić Jusupović were the most popular among our readers. 23rd Golden Drum festival is around the corner and the promoters put out the number of entries and it's definitely nice to see such an interest in the Adriatic Golden Drum Award. Moreover, Ivan Stanković provided a great column why advertising should (and eventually would) turn to edvertising.

dreamstime_xl_24830829-768x526 (1)

Stop Torturing Yourself

Croatian advertising agency Señor decided to make your typical medicine ads a little bit more interesting – and took things down to a dungeon. Don’t worry, nobody got hurt, it’s actually quite the opposite, people get cured.

Dreamers with a Cause

Vesna Vlašić Jusupović is a managing director at McCann Sarajevo, one of the oldest creative agencies in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Being part of I & F McCann Group, their services are delivered under a slogan “Truth well told”, meaning every brand has a specific story to be told and the agency’s biggest challenge is to deliver the brand’s truth, no matter the time or budget at disposal. “Our mission is to deliver top notch products and services for our partners, clients, by creating together campaigns that can leave a deeper impact on all of us,” she explains.

23rd Golden Drum Awards with 1047 entries from 26 countries

23rd Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity, which will take place from 18 until 21 October 2016 in Ljubljana, received 1047 entries from 26 countries and 27 agency networks in its competition. Representing the region, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo combined submitted 140 works, while young creatives submitted 168 entries in the Off Drum Competition: Ljubljana Poster Award.


A column by Ivan Stanković, founder of Communis.

Dyslexia Is not a Crime

McCann Sarajevo created a series of print ads for Dyslexia Awareness Week showing posters with kids as potential convicts. Charges? “Has difficulties with reading and writing”.

National Advertiser Associations Supported WFA/EACA Pitch Guidelines

Four national advertiser associations, featuring Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ), Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA), Serbian Association for Market Communications (UEPS), Macedonian Association of Marketing Agencies (MAAM), supported the guidelines provided by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) that advertisers should not shortlist more than four agencies in the final process of the pitch.

Serviceplan is Red Dot’s Agency of the Year 2016

German agency Serviceplan has been named as the Red Dot’s Agency of the Year as it demosntrated the success of its services with 11 Red Dots and five Red Dot: Best of the Best awards.

Movie and TV Addicts Can Stream On

Croatian agencies McCann Zagreb and Fahrenheit created a new campaign for its client, provider of telecommunications services HT, and its message is good news for TV series and movie addicts.

Imago Ogilvy and Projektil Launched JoomBoos Videostar Competition

Zagreb-based advertising agency Imago Ogilvy and its sister agency Projektil launched the JoomBoos Videostar talent competition, “a project for a completely new generation”, at last week’s Balkan Tube festival.

New Season of m:agazin Is Here

News channels are mostly focused on providing news on current affairs, weather and nevertheless pop culture. As anchorman explains it, that’s not the case for the third season of m:agazin as show’s main focus is news and education about technology that is changing our society. m:agazin is a result of collaboration of Aquarius Banja Luka and telecommunications provider m:tel.