Marketing is not only a creative tool

March 27, 2017


Effie Croatia awards 2017 saw the biggest increase in the number of entries compared to 2016 – 40 percent! We talked to Darko Ivančević, this year’s Effie Croatia Awards jury president and Global Vice President for Staropramen within Molson Coors, about his view on efficiency in marketing and why an increase in the amount of entries benefits to all. And nevertheless, he provides an advice to marketers for success in 2017 and his predictions what could be “the next big thing” in marketing.

After 10 years in the Zagrebačka brewery, with the last several years on the position of Marketing director, Ivančević became the Global Vice President for Staropramen within the Molson Coors brewing company.
After 10 years in the Zagrebačka brewery, with the last several years on the position of Marketing director, Ivančević became the Global Vice President for Staropramen within the
Molson Coors brewing company.

What’s your definition of effective marketing in one sentence?

In one short sentence, I would say that effective marketing is the ability to use all the company resources and knowledge and translate all that to products and services that will continuously delight our consumers and customers. In other words, I would probably describe it as a need to understand the market and different insights regarding our consumers, develop integrated communication and services that have the ability to attract the attention of the consumers and customers on their journeys with your brand – with the objective to delight them, but also to achieve your business objectives.

Moreover, what is – in your opinion – the key to effective marketing?

I have mentioned some of the aspects in my previous answer, but, to elaborate, on the basis of my business experience with great marketing results, for example with the Ožujsko brand, I have always emphasized two key success factors. First, total integration of communication, in marketing terms a 360 approach to today’s multiple channel that are available. There is also the effective integration of internal marketing and sales activities. One message with both pillars. Once you have internal alignment, the results will come. Another big key is consistency. Rome was not built overnight, so the big brands cannot be built that quickly either. They will never have the opportunity to become effective if they are not strong and consistent. I do not exclude one-shot marketing projects that can be effective, but I am a strong believer in the fact that our primary job in marketing is to build strong long-term brands that will create a “pull” effect in terms of sales and overall business performance.

According to Effie Croatia, the biggest number of entries comes from financial and insurance industry. What’s your explanation for this?

Yes, that’s true indeed. Financials and telecoms always apply with a lot of projects. I would say that they have quite a hard job since the relationship they have with their consumers is very often based on the functional benefits of services. So to make the emotional connection is a big challenge. On top of that, today’s consumers are much more educated and informed than ever, and financial services are under heavier scrutiny.

What is the biggest obstacle in creating effective marketing communications today? How has the approach to achieving effective marketing change in past 12 months?

The biggest obstacle is doing something while not having a clear strategy of what is next. That’s not even related to today’s trend, it’s a basic principle that should always be on the marketer’s mind. Another one is the ratio of using insights vs. foresights. That’s very connected with today’s fast pace and the number of changes. We are moving forward dramatically. You have some insights today, but they quickly become irrelevant. So I would say, respect insights, anticipate foresights, have a strategy, and do not fear to execute it. The last can also be a big obstacle if it is not done right; opportunities come and go away easily.

Darko Ivančević, The Croatia Effie Awards 2017 jury president
Darko Ivančević, The Croatia Effie Awards 2017 jury president

What trend (if any) did you notice among this year’s Effie entries?

Marketing is not only a creative tool, but has the important task of being an effective tool. That is the biggest trend. And that’s why we have an increased number of entries. I would say with increased quality of business cases, from big brands, but also from smaller companies. We can be satisfied with the increased marketing dynamics on our markets, and that’s good for overall expertise.

What is the one thing you would advise marketers to invest in 2017?

Invest in a clear understanding what you want to do with the brand in the next 5 years – what each brand stands for, and be consistent. Once you have that basic principle taken care of, it will be easier for all to make executions and projects that are coherent with the communication trends. And not only to consumers, but also to customers.

Finally, what would you say will or should be the next big evolution for marketers over the next few years?

As brands are moving forward, I believe that there are two big areas for “next-level” marketing – one is the next level of experiential platforms. People today want to experience, not to read or see. The fast evolving technology can enable us to do this. Another one is corporate social responsibility. Big brands must include these practices. Of course, the challenge is to have that integrated into the brand strategy. I am expecting to see more of that in the future.


Give Your Brain a Break

March 24, 2017


Croatian mobile operator Tomato and Bruketa & Žinić OM came out with a solution that works as a filter for negative news.

Tomato (owned by VIPnet) decided to shake things up with tariffs without unnecessary information. So the partners came up with an extension of its “Give your brain a break” and visual refreshment of the platform. Moreover, consumers can now pick tariffs without any headache. This was made possible by tv ads, outdoor and ATL as well as with fruit juices in front of the nightclubs. As an icing on the cake, they came up with a sort of “anti-BS” button which serves as a filter for negative news.


Client: Vipnet

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić

Marketing director: Lordan Kondić

Director of Brand and marketing communications: Marija Jakeljić

Coordinator: Vedran Hrgović

Senior specialist: Marijana Labaš

Digital media and communications planning specialist: Mila Perović

Media Strategy Principal: Liliana Božić

Creative directors: Davor Bruketa, Siniša Waldinger, Ivan Čepelak

Junior creative director: Đorđe Janković

Account director: Roberta Kranjec

Strategic planning director: Ivan Tanić

Art directors: Ivana Momčilović, Siniša Sudar

Account manager: Dubravka Klepac

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Digital account executive: Stipe Bačić

Account executive: Ante Kantor

Copywriter: Martina Tupek

Designer: Alen Lipuš

UX designer: Krešimir Lončar

Production: Kinoteka

Director: Miha Mlaker

Social media and digital production: Degordian

Teleprompters production: Plavi film

Media agency: OMD Hrvatska


Kruševice’s AHOJ Tram Party

March 22, 2017


As part of its "Iz Češke brez greške" campaign, Czech beer brand Kruševice organised a series of six tram parties in Zagreb, featuring comedian Željko Pervan.


Krušovice, in Croatia accompanying Heineken Croatia’s portfolio of brands, will take over a line number 13 every other week. Besides litres of popular lager, Czech pub atmosphere and music, the partygoers will be joined by a comedian Željko Pervan. The activation, also called AHOJ (yes, its Czech greeting) party is streamed on its official Facebook page.



Dialog Komunikacije Strengthens Its Content Creation Team

March 21, 2017


Croatian communications agency Dialog appointed Nina Marković and Jelena Spalatin to its content creation and community management team.

Nina Marković (left) and Jelena Spalatin
Nina Marković (left) and Jelena Spalatin

Nina Spalatin joined Dialog from Styria Group where she worked for four years in digital development, marketing and promotion departments. Jelena Spalatin comes from the position of junior advisor for business development. The two joined the Dialog due to increased demands for content production of both online and offline channels.

Marina Ćulić Fischer expressed her delight for international companies opening their offices in Zagreb. “From Croatia we will manage digital and corporate communications on regional market for some of the world’s biggest brands. Until the end of the year we expect double digit growth in year-over-year compared with 2016,” she remarked.


Pragma Communications Is The Agency of the Year at HUOJ 2017 Awards

March 20, 2017


The Croatian Association for Public Relations (HUOJ) handed annual Grand Prix awards to its respected winners. Pragma Communications has been announced the agency of the year while Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Is HUOJ’s Communicator of the Year.


HUOJ Grand PRix awards honour the best communications projects in Croatia. The jury awarded the projects in twelve categories and honoured special prizes and individuals for excellence in professional achievements. This year’s competition saw 68 entered projects.

Winners by categories:

  • Corporate social responsibility: “Scratch with a reason” by Pragma communications in collaboration with Zagrebačka pivovara
  • Sponsorship: “The missing piece” by Veturelli for Allianz Croatia
  • Local government: “More than reality“ by Šibenik’s Culture Fortress
  • Non-governmental: „Launch and positioning od Hub385“ by LAco & Partners, Komunikacijski ured Colić.
  • Large businesses: “Trial house IKEA” by Madison Consulting.
  • Small and medium businesses: “Diablog” by Dialog Communications.
  • Digital: “Watch Euros at” by Nova TV.
  • Internal: “Wake up to Branimir Budetić” by Allianz Zagreb
  • The best adaptation of the global campaign: “Smile back” by Dialog communications for Mars
  • Events: “10th Millenium Jump” by Propela Zadar Association
  • Strategy: “Repositioning of Danfoss Croatia” by Hauska & Partners
  • PoliticalAnja Mrak – for citizens and city buildings,” by Anja Mrak and her camp
  • Contribution to the development of the profession – Mirela Španjol Marković



WPP Buys Majority Stake In Bruketa & Zinić OM

March 16, 2017


WPP agreed to buy a majority stake in Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić OM via its wholly-owned operating network Grey. The agency will merge with Grey Zagreb to form Bruketa & Zinić & Grey.

Davor Bruketa (left) and Nikola Žinić.
Davor Bruketa (left) and Nikola Žinić.

Partners at the agency, Nikola Žinić and Davor Bruketa, will keep running the newly established company. “We have discussed ways to create new value together with Grey for quite awhile.   Of course, we are interested in the tools and insights of Grey’s global network, but more than that, we believe in the potential of formal and informal networking across the globe.  It’s a great opportunity for us and our clients,” said Davor Bruketa, partner in Bruketa&Zinic OM.  “From our founding, our growth has resulted from partnering with innovative companies and talented and ambitious individuals.  Joining the Grey network gives us the chance to expand our boundaries again.”


A Record Number Of Entries At Effie Croatia 2017 Awards

March 9, 2017


In total 51 projects will compete for gold, silver, bronze and eventually Grand Prix at this year's Effie Croatia Awards, which will be held as a part of national advertising festival Days of Communication 2017. The Croatia Effie Awards 2017 saw 40 percent increase of entries versus last year.

Darko Ivančević, The Croatia Effie Awards 2017 jury president
Darko Ivančević, The Croatia Effie Awards 2017 jury president

According to Effie Croatia, the biggest number of entries comes from financial and insurance industry “An increase in the number of entries goes to show that effectiveness and measurable business and communication goals matter to Croatian advertisers and agencies. Of course, we consider an increase in the number of entries as a confirmation of the expertise. We’re pretty sure the judging will be quite a challenge for the jury,” said Darko Ivančević, Effie Croatia 2017 Awards jury president and global vice president for Staropramen at Molson Coors.

Besides Ivančević, the works will be judged by Kristijan Matijašević (Coca-Cola Adria), Vanja Vaniček (Zagrebačka bank), Maja Čulig (Addiko bank), Ivana Boban (Tele2), Zvonimir Seki (Jamnica), Lordan Kondić (Vipnet), Iva Taiber (Nestlé Adriatic), Robert Kiš (Lidl Croatia), Evelina Vranić (Sandoz), Danijela Maričević (Imago Ogilvy), Maša Ivanov (Bruketa&Žinić OM), Luka Duboković (BBDO Zagreb), Petra Gajica (McCann Zagreb), Saša Marković (Mindshare), Anamarija Horaček (Unex media), Davor Fabijanić (Real grupa), Ante Šalinović (Ipsos), Đuro Korać (Nivas) and Martina Pintarić (404).


AGB Nielsen Croatia Appoints Viktor Jonjić as Client Manager

March 7, 2017


A Croatian subsidiary of media research company AGB Nielsen announced the appointment of Viktor Jonjič as client manager.

Viktor Jonjic, Client Manager AGB Nielsena

As the company wrote in a press release, the appointment comes along with an AGB Nielsen’s new strategy which focuses on the development of the new services and expansion of the existing ones with a particular emphasis on the introduction of the new methodology of measuring TV ratings.

“During my professional career, I‘ve been working in the field of media buying and market research on some of the most important marketing projects in the last few years in our country. This will come in handy on my new position,” said Jonjić in a statement. “My goal is to take advantage of my experience on the new position at AGB Nielsen in order to contribute to the maintenance of high standards of service and responsibility to customers.”

Jonjić started his professional career at OMG in 2013 and later joined Tvbeat as sales director for SEE.


The Pirate Bay Co-Founder To Speak At Days Of Communication 2017

March 2, 2017


In their latest announcement, Croatian advertising festival Days of Communication's organisational team released the full programme of the festival. Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay, and Simon Cook, director of awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, will hit the stage at Lone Hotel in Rovinj.

01.03.2017., Zagreb - Konferencija za novinare na kojoj je predstavljen program Dana Komunikacija koji ce se odrzati od 30.03 do 02.04 u Rovinju. DavorBruketa, Andrea Sumanovac, Dunja Ivana Ballon. Photo: Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL
HURA’s DavorBruketa, Andrea Sumanovac and Dunja Ivana Ballon announced the full programme of Days of Communication 2017.
Photo: Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL

A lecture “So, you’ve got a responsibility now… “ will be delivered by Peter Sunde, co-founder of a torrent website The Pirate Bay. He will highlight the power and responsibility in the digital era. Simon Cook, director of awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, will give his take on the best practices in marketing communications. Lastly, Vesselin Popov, business development director at The Psychometrics Centre, will discuss the “Apple Magic Sauce” tool, a battery of predictive algorithms based on over 6 million users’ psychological and social media data. Its application digital footprints of human behaviour into accurate psycho-demographic profiles.

Days of Communication will be held at Lone Hotel in Rovinj (Croatia) between 30 March and 2 April. See full details about the festival here.