Boris Rogan named TBWA\Zagreb CEO

September 5, 2017


Boris Rogan will manage the agency's resources and operations of which priorities are to further improvements of the agency's market position and creation of relevant content that will help clients to achieve marketing and business goals.


Prior joining TBWA, Rogan held a position of Client Service Director at Grey Zagreb working with both domestic and international clients such as Renault, Volvo, Wiener VIG, Pepco and many others. “I am well aware of dynamics of agency life and challenges ahead. We will endeavour to further strengthen a recognisable agency culture based on co-operation and understanding, continuous education of staff, encouraging creative thinking and innovation, creating an environment that will attract young talents as well as potential clients,” Rogan said. “We will also work on strengthening co-operation with our colleagues from Ljubljana and Belgrade to provide additional knowledge, experience and opportunities for clients.”


How to fight insects – the creative way

August 30, 2017


20,000 visitors of the popular summer cinema Gradec in Zagreb experienced a series of unusual movie trailers, i.e. Imago Ogilvy and Raid promoted Raid spray against flying insects.

While summer time is all fun, insects can be a real pain in the ***. Honestly, we know that annoying insects are one of the biggest problems during warm summer evenings. For that occasion, Imago Ogilvy put up a… anti-insect movie trailer?! Creative trailers before every broadcast presented the usefulness of Raid. Also, it greatly contributed to the reduction of unwanted flying guests on movie projections this year, the agency states.

“We like to communicate the message of brands in a different and unconventional way. People are immune to advertising. We need to find a way to bring brands closer to the consumer in a more subtle and fun way. When the audience applauds you for 30 days straight, then you know you did something right,” remarks Darko Bosnar, Art & Innovation Director at Imago.


Chief Creative Director: Igor Mladinović

Art & Innovation Director: Darko Bosnar

Account Assistant: Maria Šimurina


BalCannes announces final deadline extension

August 29, 2017


Organized by HURA (Croatian Association of Communication Agencies) and the Weekend Media Festival, BalCannes announced the extended – and final – deadline: 8 September 2017


The best 25 projects in the region will be judged by an increased number of jurors. The juries are comprised of journalists, advertisers and for the first time, agency representatives.

Moreover, the jury will award seven (not one as in previous years) BalCannes Lions: the best agency and the best project of BalCannes as well as a Special Jury Prize honoured by agencies, advertisers and media. Additionally, the jury will honour the best project for the regional market and the best project for the international market.

You can follow BalCannes and Weekend Media Festival.


Importance of understanding nature

August 14, 2017


Croatian agency Studio Sonda designed pacakging for vintage Piquentum Sv. Vital 12/13/14 collection.

As the agency explains, the basic idea about the design of Piquentum Sv. Vital packaging lays on rising the awareness about the year of harvest denoted on the bottle and which often loses its meaning after using pesticides in the vineyard and balancing flavors in the cellars, since the latter become ready-made and unrelated to the actual weather conditions.

“After the successful outcome of the label Sv.Vital 2014, designing the collection for three consecutive vintages is in a way a logical sequence”, agency remarks. “Given that only with a collection the difference between each year’s labels wholly comes to the fore, and the story about the importance of comparing different vintages is developed more clearly, with this collection that puts together the years 12/13/14, we have rounded off the message about the importance of understanding nature and how it influences products when these are not artificially treated.”


Vip introduces Instagram “snacks”

August 3, 2017


Croatian telecom Vipnet (part of Telekom Austria Group) enabled its customers a purchase of prepaid services via Instagram. Summer campaign, created by Bruketa & Žinić OM, promotes the tariffs to a younger audience.

“By introducing innovative and affordable “snack” options, Vipnet wants to enable its users to be always connected and enjoy their digital social life,” comments Marija Jakeljić, head of brand and marketing communications at Vipnet.

“Kids can spend all day on Instagram. Through Instagram “snack” we would like to give them an easy way to update their vouchers and inform them of the new Vipnet options. The Instagram “snack” tool actually blended the creative use of Instagram profiles and capabilities of gadgets”, adds Ivan Tanić, head of strategic planning at Bruketa & Žinić OM


Client: Vipnet

Marketing director: Lordan Kondić

Head of brand and marketing communications: Marija Jakeljić

Campaign specialist. Željka Mojzeš

Digital media and communication pallning specialist: Mila Perović

Media Strategy Principal, Media Planning: Liliana Božić

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative director: Ivan Čepelak

Head of strategic planning: Ivan Tanić

Account director: Roberta Kranjec

Art director: Nebojša Cvetković

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Copywriter: Ivan Pavičić

Digital account executive: Stipe Bačić

Designer: Alen Lipuš

Production: Degordian

Media agency: OMD Hrvatska

Vipme-Nema da nema za snack Vipme-Chillaj uz novu Vipme tarifu


Ad expenditure in Croatian media in 2016 sees growth for the third consecutive year

August 1, 2017


Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA) presented the results of HURA Media AdEx (Advertising Expenditure) which reveals advertising spend across the key media hit 201,6 million euros in 2016, a 2,8 percent increase YoY.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Croatian advertisers in 2016 spent more than 200 million euros (1, 493 billion HRK) on primary communication channels – television, newspapers, magazines, radio, posters and internet – which is 2.8 percent increase compared to 2015 and marks a growth in ad expenditure for a third consecutive year.

Meanwhile, online advertising hit the biggest growth 27 percent increase year-on-year, followed by an increase in television and OOH (2 percent). However, ad expenditure in print and radio continues with a negative trend as it hit 8 and 2 percent decrease, respectively.

However, data confirms the domination of TV advertising in the total volume of ad expenditure, with television accounting 51 percent of advertising pie, followed by print with 17 percent, and digital with 14 percent.

HURA Media AdEx compiled the data on the spending on primary communication channels media buying in Croatia, and is an estimation of investment in advertising in major TV stations, major publishers, newspapers and their online editions, radio, major suppliers of outdoor advertising and general investment in online advertising. Data represent estimates of net investment in ATL advertising by media type according to expert assessment of HURA’s Media Committee.


Don’t give a Pipi this summer

July 31, 2017


Pipi, Croatian orange soft drink, returned with a redesigned packaging. Inspired by Dalmatian “carefree” way of life, Zagreb-based agency Imago Ogilvy accompanied the communication with the spirit of Pipi’s “golden age”.


The campaign features regional influencers who joined the campaign with personalized Pipi bottles. That way, the signature of the brand and the campaign became the signature of their summer moments. As the agency remarks, the main idea of the campaign is that the phrase “Don’t give a Pipi ” not only enters but also becomes the conversational language and becomes “a statement which describes the summer state of mind and the philosophy of complete relaxation in the best possible way. ”

“Pipi is not ordinary juice, Pipi is sea, Dalmatia and summer and therefore, with this campaign we wanted to show that enjoying summer, sea, sun and society is something that still makes Pipi so different and special. ” says Iva Bokšić, strategic planner at Imago.

Ana Burazer, a copywriter at Imago Ogilvy, adds: “the idea of a campaign stems from the fact that the summer always makes us somehow particularly relaxed, we are not stressed of what anyone around will think or say, we have our own grief … and we don’t give a Pipi. And through various channels, most of them social networks, we invited people to join and share their “don’t give a Pipi” moments.

More information about the campaign on the link:


Chief Creative Director: Igor Mladinović

Innovation Director: Darko Bosnar

Copywriter: Ana Burazer

Strategy: Iva Bokšić

Account Director: Ana Šutić Renić

Account: Ivana Božinović, Maria Šimurina

Design: Marko Gereci, Saša Perić

DTP: Darko Kučina, Nikola Janjić

Web & social media: 1&0



They came they saw they had a beer

July 18, 2017


Barley (or more precisely, its origins) is the main focus of the latest Karlovačko's push. Created by Bruketa&Žinić OM, TV ad comes in a very Western style. No violence this time, only beer.

“When you are a brewery that does not import barley yet uses 100% Croatian homemade barley, then you want to communicate that,”the agency adds. “The brewery regularly buys the barley from the Croatian producers and strives to contribute to the improvement of local communities, working with only four basic ingredients: barley malt, barley, hops and water.”


Client: HEINEKEN Croatia

Marketing director: Filip Rabuzin

Group brand manager – Mainstream segment: Andrea Mišura Žuvela

Brand manager: Nina Gračanin

Junior brand manager: Tamara Podnar

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative directors: Siniša Waldinger, Ivo Payer

Art director: Tanja Pružek Šimpović

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Copywriter: Vanja Činić (

Senior account manager: Valentina Bugarin

Account executive: Ana Krstić



Big agency, big trouble

July 6, 2017


Unex, the agency with the highest earnings in Croatia, has been hit hard by Agrokor's insolvency as it entered pre-bankrupcy proceedings. The court will decide on 24 August 2017.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Poslovni dnevnik just recently published the list with Croatian agencies and their revenues. In this aspect, Unex (featuring Unex Group and Unex Media) has been the biggest by far as it earned 45,7 million euros. It was Agrokor’s media agency of record for years. However, just a few days later Jutarnji list report Unex filed for bankruptcy due to debt (supposedly between 15 and 20 million euros) to Croatian media providers. Interestingly, it’s the same amount as Agrokor’s debt to Unex.

Unex has been founded in 1992 and it worked with Podravka, Belupo, Agrokor, Belje, Aviva Poliklinika, Jamnica, Ledo, Konzum, PIK Vrbovec, Tisak, Zvijezda, and Velpro.


Kafanabot aka when robot learns poetry

July 5, 2017


Croatian digital agency Drap created Kafanabot, "a robot with a soul" or sort of. Robots are not taking over the world anytime soon, but Kafanabot can produce some decent drunken verses.


Kafanabot technology is based on machine learning and was created as a part of a project at HUB385 Innovation Center (btw, the code is available here). Which means  it can learn by itself as it is improving (getting smarter if you like) with the number of interactions. As its authors say, Kafanabot doesn’t seek or find inspiration in your unhappy love story. It learns from “an ocean of previously written poems”. You change lines you don’t like, and your new friend or a ghostwriter will generate new ones.

Meet Kafanabot here.