Did Barcaffe and Imago Ogilvy listen to each other?

May 19, 2017


The world is full of people who have a lot to say. But what we actually need is someone who is a good listener. That’s is the main message behind the new creative platform of the Slovenian coffee brand Barcaffe. The campaign aimed at Slovenian market comes in collaboration with Slovenian musician Rok Trkaj.

“This is one of those campaigns where you feel that you placed the brand where it naturally belongs, and that you got just right what is important to people. The world is indeed full of selfish people who only want to say something, but so few people know how to listen,” said Igor Mladinović, Chief Creative Officer of Imago Ogilvy. “Barcaffe is one of those who listen, someone who is open for any topic for years. There are two potentially happy moments in every campaign. The first is when you come up with the idea, and the second is when the client recognizes it as good. This is one of those campaigns.”


CARLI+SOSA Score Bronze at International Design Awards

May 12, 2017


Split-based agency CARLI+SOSA won Bronze in Graphic design at International design awards. The awarded project is the rebranding of Aminess Hotels & Campsites. Additionally, they have been awarded with "Honourable mention 2017".


Commenting the award and winning project, creative director Goran Šoša remarked the award is a great encouragement and confirmation that came at “the right moment”. According to Šoša, the Croatian market often sees clients who find it difficult to explain the importance and perceive the hard work behind the high quality branding. “For nearly ten years, we have focused on a comprehensive approach and a detailed analysis of all aspects of the brand and its environment. Like in this project,” Šoša commented. Additionally, he sees design as a process of branding and not its initial basis.

About IDA

The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognise, celebrate and promote design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. IDA aspires to draw attention to the iconoclasm of design world wide, conceptualizing and producing great work.

Corporative id_2 Corporative id_1 Stationary_2 Stationary_1 CARLI+SOSA IDA




Another Brick In The Wall

May 11, 2017


What Is a smartphone without Internet? Just another brick in the wall, according to Bruketa & Žinić OM's spring campaign for VIPnet.

Admit it or not, it’s hard to imagine our day without a smartphone. It’s the same with a smartphone without the Internet. That’s the idea behind VIPnet’s new campaign. Unless you’re working in construction, it’s not fun hanging out with a brick in your hand, right?


Client: Vipnet

Marketing director: Lordan Kondić

Brand and marketing communications director: Marija Jakeljić

Campaign expert: Nini Cinotti

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative director: Ivan Čepelak

Junior creative director: Đorđe Janković

Account director: Roberta Kranjec

Art director: Ivana Momčilović

Account executive: Ante Kantor

Digital account executive: Stipe Bačić

Copywriter: Martina Tupek

Designer: Alen Lipuš

Account assistant: Martina Brnić

Head of DTP department: Radovan Radičević (Voditelj DTP odjela),

DTP operators: Željka Tročak, Danko Đurašin, Saša Rehtaček
Art director: Siniša Sudar


Casanova In the House

May 10, 2017


Croatian agency Studio Sonda created a series of posters that marks a decade of collaboration with an exhibition ‘The bird in the bush: the covered and the exposed in Istria’s sexuality” which will be hosted in the museum and gallery venue in the Church of the Sacred Hearts in Pula until 31 October 2017.


The exhibition showcases artefacts ranging from the period of Roman Empire up to present. It displays the features of the male and female way of accepting the topic of sex and sexuality, openness of Istria and its eros and eroticism. “The original name of the exhibition ‘Gajba i tić’ (The bird in the bush), being a metaphor related to male and female genitalia, is very well known from local folk songs. Our Casanovafest posters abound with birds and bushes, or maybe none of them, which depends of the viewer’s interpretation,” the agency explained.

Exhibition is organized by the designer Mauricio Ferlin and the curators Tajana Ujčić and Katarina Marić. Project holders are the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria and the Archaeological Museum of Istria.

GajbaTic_005-1600x1067 Casanova_002-1600x2100 Casanova_003-1600x2100 Casanova_001-1600x2100


10 Mistakes Made By Brands On Instagram & How To Fix ‘Em

May 9, 2017


By Tajana Pran, community manager at Kontra

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The mere fact that you’re reading this post suggests you’ve already recognized the importance of Instagram as a powerful tool for advertising your brand. Even though you did your homework and explored the main components that every Instagram profile should have, there are a lot of common mistakes you can make on your Instagram profile. You have to make sure to optimize your profile as much as possible to gain followers, keep them and delight them with excellent content. This post will cover top 10 mistakes made by brands on Instagram and why you should learn from them in order to have a successful Instagram profile.


The first mistake brands make on Instagram is bad optimization of the profile. Pay attention to following:

  • Profile picture
  • Description and link in bio
  • Settings of the profile

We’ll start with a profile picture. If you don’t have a profile picture, followers are less likely to follow you for one simple reason – they can’t visualize what your brand offers. As a profile picture, brands usually use their logotypes, and we approve of this practice. Use your logotype as a profile picture and make sure it looks good and centered.

Another mistake is a bad description of your brand, or worse, not having a description at all. Description in your bio has to be interesting and inviting. Don’t just describe your products or services and make them boring as hell. Instead, tell users your mission, your vision or even philosophy of your brand. Tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Don’t write an entire story, choose your words carefully and make it readable. Also, don’t forget a link to your website in the bio description. This is a crucial thing if you want to drive traffic to your website through Instagram. You can put a link to your website or just a particular product or service that you’re talking about that week. This will be explained further on.

Next, setting your profile on private is the worst mistake you can make. If you put your profile on private, users won’t be able to see your profile instantly. This is a deal-breaker, so be smart enough not to do it. With private profile, you’re stopping users from seeing your content until you approve their request to follow you. Imagine yourself in this situation. Would you buy some apples if you’re not able to enter the fruit store? Would you wait for someone to open the store? That’s the point of letting your users see what you do the very second they find their way to your profile. Put your profile on public and let users explore it. This will make them follow you based on your content and that’s the kind of followers you want.


This one is one of the most common mistakes made by brands on Instagram. People, you have to learn what Instagram is to be successful on it! It’s all about the visuals and you know what they say – a good picture is worth a thousand words. Take your time and learn how to use it. But, as we’re trying to tell you about some of the worst mistakes made by brands on Instagram, we would like to highlight the ones that make us cringe:

  • Low-resolution pictures
  • Discolored pictures

For the love of God, please check out the best sizes of pictures on Instagram even before you create a profile. There is nothing worse than seeing a picture that has low resolution and doesn’t fit Instagram sizes. Even though you can post vertical and horizontal pictures now, Instagram still loves the square shaped pictures. The higher resolution of your pictures is, the more credible and professional you look. It doesn’t matter if you have a small brand or a big one, pay attention to your pictures. Also, Instagram provides all sorts of filters, but be careful. Don’t use filters that’ll mess up the colors because it just doesn’t look good.

If you want to be on top of the game, you can use other photo-editing apps to make your pictures look impressive and to get that ‘wow’ effect.  We highly recommend VSCO, Snapseed, and Hyperlapse, because you’ll be able to make your pictures and videos pop.


This part is important for you to understand if you want to be successful on Instagram. You’re probably wondering why we emphasized this part when it seems so simple. But, there are a lot of brands that think that content has to be super long. Wrong! Would you like to scroll through pages and pages of some text? So, keep in mind the ‘Rule of thumb’. This means you need to stay away from long texts and optimize them in a way that followers don’t have to use their thumbs to scroll down to read everything you wrote about. This rule depends on the industry of your brand. So, if you’re a beginner, explore other similar and more experienced brands on Instagram and take their example.


We know that some days you just don’t have time to make awesome content. Sometimes you have to settle for less perfect content to stay within your plan. But there’s a mistake that brands often make on Instagram – reposting an old content, or even worse, making your posts look all the same. Think of this from followers’ point of view, and you’ll realize that this is unacceptable for a good and inviting profile. So, sit down and brainstorm what kind of content you can post in a long-term period.  Don’t think it’s a waste of time, it’ll be worth your while when you see how followers react to it. Creativity is highly appreciated by followers, and they’ll be more likely to engage with creative, awesome content than some boring one.


This goes for all the brands out there that are killing Instagram with their ‘buy me, buy me!’ content and making it annoying as hell. If you sell products and want to have a successful traffic from Instagram, don’t make it all about selling stuff. People want to bond with your brand. Lifestyle content is the best way to bond with followers. Show them what your office looks like, who works there, what values you have, what your philosophy is or what you like to do. Some selfie every now and then is desirable, but don’t make it all about the selfies. Again, think as a follower, not as a brand!


Every now and then, you stumble upon some funny pictures, videos or something you really like. You feel the urge to share it with your followers and make them laugh just like it made you laugh. But, remember, this is also a mistake. This type of content is tricky as you don’t want to connect your profile with content that has no real value to followers. For example, you sell shoes and make content related to your products, you make lifestyle content which is also connected to the brand, take care of followers and then you post a video of some funny dog out-of-the-blue. Do you see what’s wrong here? We understand your intention, and it’s fine by us, but don’t post it on your brand’s profile. Post it on your personal profile instead. This is also a thing that depends on the industry you’re in, so think about it in a context of the industry.


When you don’t have a clear plan of posting on Instagram, you’re doomed. Just imagine this from followers’ point of view. How can you expect followers to trust you and have a positive image of your brand if you post content every now and then? If you plan on posting whenever you feel like it, forget about it. This won’t work on Instagram or any other social network. Make a plan of days you’ll be posting your content on and stick to it. That way, followers will know that you’re credible, trustworthy and more likely to keep following you.

We can’t tell you what the exact and best time of posting is, but the best advice we can give you is to pay attention to reactions of your followers. Even though Instagram has no analytical side as much as we would want to (unless you pay for some analytics tools), it provides you with a glance at your overall statistics. The good news is that you can optimize your posting time to get the most likes and good reach by looking at information Instagram has already provided you with. Play with posting times at first, and after some while and fair numbers of followers, you should be able to see when to post according to the most likes you get at a given time. The story doesn’t end here, you have to track this constantly and adjust as your page is growing.


We’re well aware that brands often misuse hashtags and don’t understand their value. Hashtags are there for a reason. It’s not just to look good or to make up some words that come to your mind. Hashtags represent symbols or codes that make web search engines understand and categorize pictures on Instagram. That way, when users search for a term that you posted in copy, your content is shown to them. Be careful with hashtags and don’t go wild with them by making up words without any meaning. Choose them carefully, and make sure they fit your content. If you decide to make your own hashtag with the name of your brand, stick to it and post it in every piece of content.


Followers are your friends, not enemies. Remember this, and don’t be afraid to engage with them. Brands usually post content on Instagram regularly, pay attention to all the possible details and just forget to engage with their followers. Look, having an Instagram profile is not just about posting high-quality content and good copywriting, it’s also about interacting. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to interact with your followers. This doesn’t mean you have to be on Instagram 24/7, but you should check your profile several times a day. Doing this, you’ll be able to see comments, mentions, and likes on time and react to them in real-time. Followers like to be appreciated and have a feeling of connection with brands. You want to make your followers like you and interact with you in order to delight them. Also, engage with your followers by commenting and liking their content. This way, you’re bonding with them on a higher level and you seem an approachable and down-to-earth type of brand which is a nice addition to your positive image.

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of people that follow you and the number of people you follow. For example, if you follow 1000 people, and 200 of them are following you – it looks sad. We’re not saying that you should stop following people, but take care of who you follow. If you follow every person that liked your picture, no matter his or her real interests, the result will be just the same.


As we have mentioned in the first part of this list, you can put a link to your bio description. Brands often forget about it completely, which is a huge mistake. In this situation, followers have to ‘google’ you and that’s just the thing they don’t want to do. Trust us, people are lazy. If you have an opportunity to post a link to your web page, a logical thing is to use it. The link in the bio should always be on your mind and you can play with it. If you have some kind of a blog, and you’re posting regularly, make a picture or a video of it, put a link in your bio and tell your followers that they can find a link to blog in the bio. That way you’ll intrigue them and make them want to read it which is just the thing you want them to do.

This goes for products also. If you have some product in your web shop that you want to present to your followers in a way that they go to your web shop and check out other products as well, make a content and direct them to the link in the bio. There are many possibilities to play with, and we highly recommend to use them. Sometimes it’s not the best solution to drive followers to your web page if you haven’t had the time to optimize it.

All in all, we recommend having a link to your web page in the bio no matter what it looks like, because, you know, it’s easier for followers to explore your brand. In this case, stay away from posting the mentioned content and highlight your web page until you actually optimize it.

We’ve come to the end of the list of top 10 mistakes made by brands on Instagram. It’s up to you if you are going to listen to our advice or not. Just remember to educate yourself, make your own strategy, be consistent and creative. If you follow this overall advice, we’re sure you’ll successfully sail through a stormy waters of Instagram. Oh, and if you want more advice from us, feel free to contact us. Happy Instagramming!

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Bruketa & Žinić OM Sells Three Departments

May 2, 2017


Zagreb-based creative shop Bruketa & Žinić OM sold its offices in Belgrade and as well as its clothing line Brokula&Ž.. The changes are part of WPP/Grey deal as it "changed the concept of accessing foreign markets".

Davor Bruketa (left) and Nikola Žinić.
Davor Bruketa (left) and Nikola Žinić.

Bruketa & Žinić OM stepped out of the ownership of its agencies in Belgrade and Baku – which have been sold to its existing partners Popular and Artgroup, respectively – and clothing line Brokula&Ž, which has been sold to Lacuna. As the agency remarked in a press release, it’s due to the recent deal with WPP, where the holding agreed to buy a majority stake.

“The deal with WPP and Gray has changed the concept of accessing foreign markets, especially relying on the Grey Group network in over 130 countries. With our existing partners, we will continue to collaborate on projects,” said Davor Bruketa.


Our Top 10 – BBDO Zagreb

April 21, 2017


Croatia at Days of communication 2017 festival. At 2017 Effie Awards Croatia, the agency scored both Grand Prix and Gold for “Scratch for a reason” and additional Gold for “Our places rule”. It kind of makes sense they're taking over this week for "Our top 10" list of the best campaigns they've ever created.


2017 seems like a successful continuation of highly successful year 2016 for the agency. Previously, they’ve been named the agency of the year at Days of communication 2016 and won Golden Sempler at Sempl 2016 for the best targeted campaign. The main tool the agency uses is pretty simple and it is called “The Work The Work The Work”. That also happens to be the worldwide mantra of BBDO global network with offices in 81 countries.

Campaign: Scratch with a reason (2016)

Client: Ožujsko pivo, humanitarian project for testicular cancer

“To show that Žuja knows what is important to men, we went a little nuts and showed balls by touching a sensitive matter – the problem of testicular cancer. We showed how a small movement with your hand can make a big movement in the country. In one year 46 lives were saved.”

Campaign: Our places rule (2016)

Client: Ožujsko pivo

“From Špičkovina to Svinjarevci, every town out of 7.500 in Croatia has its identity and roots. Ožujsko beer celebrates every single one – however funny it may be named. And that is why it is the favorite beer all over Croatia.”

Campaign: Less is more (2016)

Client: Beck’s

“Using exceptional film craft we set the bar very high for the whole region following the German recipe: simplicity.”

Campaign: Christmas 2017

Client: Croatian Telecom

“To show the main benefit of the product – a mobile package for the whole family, which brings it closer together, we made a warm ad for the cold days during holiday season.”

Campaign: Cook freely (2015)

Client: Vegeta

“To make the long-lasting, traditional brand Vegeta appealing for younger consumers, we created a new communication platform “Cook freely” that highlights expression and freedom (trough cooking). Don’t follow rules, but your (gut) feeling (the same philosophy we have in BBDO as well;).”

Campaign: Croatia – Full of Life (2015)

Client: Croatian tourist board

“To show Croatia is more than just sun&sea destination, we created the “Full of Life” platform that unites all communication inviting tourists all year round to visit our beautiful country. Its digital component such as and the Out of Office Award play a key role in creating a unique communication with different target groups.”

Campaign: Submarine (2011)

Client: Croatian auto club (Hrvatski autoklub, HAK)

“We made an ad. But unlike the others, we actually MADE this one. A giant submarine was build and transported all over Croatia over a month to promote the new featured service from HAK – assistance on the sea.”

Campaign: Best man (2016)

Client: Sberbank

“Using a local insight about Croatian (or should we say Balkan) weddings, we created a funny commercial for non-purpose loans about the troubles of being the best man.”

Campaign:: Taste the pleasure from Prague (2016)

Client: Staropramen

“As the global lead agency for Staropramen, the number one Czech beer, we decided to give a little taste of the Prague way of living (and thinking!). We created a Staropramen world that includes swing, streets, food and enjoying life (and a great beer).”

Campaign: Growing up (2015)

Client: Plazma

“For the most beloved cookie of the region, Plazma, we wanted to show how the love starts from the earliest age. We felt the love back because it was aired on five different markets of the exYu region.”


Equality Matters

April 4, 2017


Creative shop McCann Zagreb and Hrvatski Telekom continue their collaboration. In a spring campaign titled “Equality” the telecom communicates the message that both new and existing users are treated equally.

Portraying a family breakfast, we see and older brother being uncomfortable as his newborn brother enjoys the attention of both parents. Well, he was mistaken. “With “Equality” we aim to change the perception of users of our services about inequality between new and existing users. With this campaign, we make it clear. At Hrvatski Telekom, every user is treated equally, which is proved by the offering,” the company explained.


Creative direktor: Daniel Vuković

Copywriter:  Ivan Čadež


D-day – Days of Communication starts today!

March 30, 2017


It's official: for the next three days, Rovinj will be all about creativity as it hosts 5th consecutive Croatian national advertising festival Days of communications. On the first day, delegates will listen to Alex Braun, Chuck Porter and Vesselin Popov among others.

pjimage (17)

First day of conference programme features speakers such as:

    • Alex Braun, consultant of Croatian political party SDP, will talk about how can moderates compete with extremism;
    • Chuck Porter, co-founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), who will share a few things he has learned about making brands famous.
    • Vesselin Popov, business development director, Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre (Cambridge), who will deliver a talk  “The REAL science behind psychological targeting with big data”

Also, there will be panels, discussions and – obviously – the first after party. Full schedule can be viewed here