Vip introduces Instagram “snacks”

August 3, 2017


Croatian telecom Vipnet (part of Telekom Austria Group) enabled its customers a purchase of prepaid services via Instagram. Summer campaign, created by Bruketa & Žinić OM, promotes the tariffs to a younger audience.

“By introducing innovative and affordable “snack” options, Vipnet wants to enable its users to be always connected and enjoy their digital social life,” comments Marija Jakeljić, head of brand and marketing communications at Vipnet.

“Kids can spend all day on Instagram. Through Instagram “snack” we would like to give them an easy way to update their vouchers and inform them of the new Vipnet options. The Instagram “snack” tool actually blended the creative use of Instagram profiles and capabilities of gadgets”, adds Ivan Tanić, head of strategic planning at Bruketa & Žinić OM


Client: Vipnet

Marketing director: Lordan Kondić

Head of brand and marketing communications: Marija Jakeljić

Campaign specialist. Željka Mojzeš

Digital media and communication pallning specialist: Mila Perović

Media Strategy Principal, Media Planning: Liliana Božić

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative director: Ivan Čepelak

Head of strategic planning: Ivan Tanić

Account director: Roberta Kranjec

Art director: Nebojša Cvetković

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Copywriter: Ivan Pavičić

Digital account executive: Stipe Bačić

Designer: Alen Lipuš

Production: Degordian

Media agency: OMD Hrvatska

Vipme-Nema da nema za snack Vipme-Chillaj uz novu Vipme tarifu


Studio Sonda authored two of the best book covers of 2016

July 26, 2017


In the line of fire: the history of firefighting in Poreč, and a catalog conceived as a virtual tour of the (Athens) exhibition Metaphoria II have been listed, respectively.

pjimage (41)

AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts), the New York situated oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, with 70 chapters and more than 25,000 members and Design Observer, a website devoted to a range of design topics including graphic design, social innovation, urbanism, popular culture and criticism, have published the results for 50 Books | 50 Covers for the year 2016. The competition choses 50 of the best world editions in each of the two named categories (book and cover design),



Davo Karničar and Ford Ranger act as partners in crime

July 25, 2017


Davo Karničar, Slovene alpinist and extreme skier, stars in Ford Slovenia's new campaign for Ford Ranger. TV ad, created by Mayer McCann, shows Karničar's personal story.

In a short documentary, Ford Ranger Davor Karničar speaks openly and honestly about his path to greatness. Ford’s pickup is represented as a incarnation of Karničar: reliable in tough environment with a high-level of trust in all kinds of situations.


Client: Summit motors Ljubljana

Clients representatives: Boštjan Hribovšek in Uroš Mihelčič

Agency: Mayer Group

Project managers: Petja Kravos in Aleš Petejan

Creative director and copywriter: Matjaž Germ

Designer: Damjana Sušnik

Director: Miha Kačič

Production: Net projekt

Photographer: Peter Giodani

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Common campaign for common good

July 24, 2017


Marketing mreža, Serbian marketing website, celebrates its 5th birthday with a social responsibility campaign #KampanjaNaDar. The main idea behind the project is to encourage regional agencies to provide their creative work for the community and social entrepreneurs. So far, so good as 16 agencies applied.


As a creative partner, Executive created and launched #KampanjaNaDar, which was joined by McCann Beograd, Orange Studio, Fullhouse Ogilvy,, Popular, SuperDot, New Media Team, Smart Vision, Havas Adriatic, Mullen Lowe&Friends, Degordian, Fusion Communications, April Studio, Web Media Agency, Red & Rope, Idea+ Communications and Komunikacijski. laboratorij. They will do their provide to provide creative support for a number of social companies in Serbia.

»The aim of the campaign is to highlight the importance of our profession but also of social enterprises for the development of the Serbian economy. Also, this action will show how important it is for colleagues to work in the creative industry, and thus to the join forces to initiate and advance the community in which we work and live,” said Ivana Parčetić Mitić, editor and founder of Marketing mreža.


Gimme a break

July 17, 2017


Raiffesien Bank’s communication platform in Serbia continues. McCann Belgrade is behind the new season simply titled “Break”. Summer series of TV ads provides another fun look at cash loans.

Raiffeisen Bank’s ambassador, Jelena Gavrilović, presents the new loan service to Dragan Jovanović and other stars whose names have yet to be announced. “These are lavish, striking characters, absorbed in their everyday lives, practical and spiritual needs, desires and habits,” agency remarks. “Jelena listens to all their wishes and dilemmas, she understands them, even when they seem quite incomprehensible. She cleverly helps them, just like the Raiffeisen Bank does with their offer, because all of us sometimes only need a little break.”


Client: Raiffeisen Bank

Agency: McCann Belgrade

Creative team: Dubravka Petrović, Sandra Stojanović, Marko Marković, Lidija Milovanović, Kristina Jovanović

Account director: Jelena Lešević

Creative Director: Jana Savić Rastovac

Strategic planner: Marija Stošić

Production: Emote Production

Director: Raša Andrić


Creators of “Slovenia—my country” receive The order of Merit

June 26, 2017


Marking the Statehood Day, Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, handed the Order of Merit to the creators of "Slovenia, my country". The team behind the campaign has been awarded for their contribution to Slovenian marketing communications industry and national identity.

The campaign has been created between 1984 and 1985 by Studio Marketing due to the iniciative by Slovenian Advertising Chamber. “It was designed exclusively for the promotion of Slovenian tourism, but has achieved much more. By presenting the beauties of the country the campaign made a breakthrough in the implementation of the right to expression of national ambitions in economic and other fields,” the explanation reads.

Therefore, the Order of Merit has been given to Jernej Repovš, creative director, Miro Kline, researcher, Karpo Godina cameraman and director of photography, Jani Bavčer, designer and art director, Joco Žnidaršič, director, Dušan Velkavrh, songwriter, copywriters Zdravko Duš and Peter Bergant, and Jaka Judnič, director.


Taking it to the effective level

June 19, 2017


At the first Effie Awards Serbia, McCann Beograd proved itself as the most effective creative agency with 4 Bronzes. Completing the success of I&F McCann Group, UM Belgrade won the title of the most effective media agency.

Pobednički timovi agencija McCann i UM Beograd

McCann created award-winning projects for Rosa and Schweppes (both The Coca-Cola Company brands), Raiffeisen Bank and Mini Mini Plasma Bambi.

“At the core of everything we do are great and distinctive ideas that deliver results to our clients. This year we celebrate 20 years of operations under the slogan „The Power of the people“ and these awards are for the best people and our partners,” said Srdjan Šaper, I&F McCann founder. “Effie awards confirm the slogan of the First Serbian Advertising Agency, from more than a century ago, and it is “To make ads valuable!”.


A reflection of a job well done

June 19, 2017


OvationBBDO and Unicredit Bank scored Bronze at first ever Effie Serbia Awards last week in Financial services and credit cards. The agency claims “Cash loan that can solve everything” saw success because several factors were on point, but most importantly, it’s a confirmation of a good client – agency relationship.

“It is not satisfactory to be just good enough to achieve success. It depends on commitment, organizing workflow, client cooperation and execution,” the agency wrote in a press release. “We always strive to base our work on principles of personal responsibility. By combining all these factors, it is possible to realize these kinds of projects that aspire to excellence.”

Full ist of winning works can be viewed here.


The spirit of Belgrade lives along with its people

June 14, 2017


As part of Idea's “Belgrade, a city of a new IDEA” campaign, 4 member jury selected the 11 projects that will make Belgrade “a better place to live”. In the video, Slavimir Stojanović Futro, Slavoljub Stanković, Ivan Ivanović and Đuro Svilar explain their decisions.

The goal of the campaign is not only the beauty of Belgrade, but also to promote the true values that make it a cultural capital, and the IDEA will to realize 011 winning ideas. “The spirit of the city lives thanks to the people who love it and therefore – who lives in Belgrade also co-creates it,”


Bruketa & Žinić OM’s “Djuru The Local Guru” Wins Silver at Creativity Awards

May 16, 2017


Remember the series of tv ads titled "Djuru the local guru" where the guy knew everything and more? It won Silver in Media and Interactive at Creativity Awards.

In February, Croatian beer brand Karlovačko launched a campaign titled “Djuru – The Local Guru” that is based on an insight that Croatians do not need a leader, just a powerful motivator. Chuck Norris-like by knowledge, Djuru’s dropping wisdom bombs and represents the brand in an entertaining way. The guy can return the non-returnable bottle, why not listen to him?