Davor Bruketa in the jury of Young Guns 15

July 26, 2017


Davor Bruketa, creative director at Bruketa & Žinić OM, is a jury member at this year's Young Guns, The One Club's competition that celebrates today’s vanguard of young creatives.

Photo: Mima Pticek
Photo: Mima Pticek

Besides opening the call for entries for Young Guns 15, the One Club for Creativity (formed from the merger of the Art Directors Club (ADC) and The One Club) announced this year’s jury. The only jury member from Adriatic region is Davor Bruketa. He will judge works – among others – alongside Jean Batthany, Vice President, Global Creative, Walt Disney Company, Jennifer Daniel, creative director at Google, and Rem Duplessis, creative director at Apple.


Csaba Gosztonyi and Johannes Newrkla are Golden Drum’s latest Hall of Famers

July 18, 2017

Csaba Gosztonyi (right) and Johannes Newrkla
Csaba Gosztonyi (right) and Johannes Newrkla

Csaba Gosztonyi started his advertising career as an editor, reporter and manager of marketing publication Kreativ. Later he founded the Carbon Group Communication agency, while he has been Golden Drum since 2002. He hosted several high profile Golden Drum road shows in Budapest and other Hungarian cities.

Johannes Newrkla plays an important role in two Vienna-based agencies. He is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Merlicek & Grossebner as well as CEO of Bluetango. Newrkla is also a founding member of the Art Directors Club of Europe. For 8 years, he held the presidency of the ADC*E, and is currently its Treasurer. Johannes has won many national and international awards and was member of many international juries.

Csaba Gosztonyi and Johannes Newrkla are joining other prominent names of GD’s Hall of fame: Adrian Boțan, Jure Apih, Farid Chehab, Ivan Chimburov, Michael Conrad, Jan Mariusz Demner, Meta Dobnikar, Dušan Drakalski, Ami Hasan, Jiri Mikeš, Juli Nemes, Günseli Özen, Milka Pogliani, Ulrich Proeschel, Daniel Ružička, Dragan Sakan, Juraj Vaculik, Vital Verlič, Darek Zatorski and Jarek Ziebinski.


They came they saw they had a beer

July 18, 2017


Barley (or more precisely, its origins) is the main focus of the latest Karlovačko's push. Created by Bruketa&Žinić OM, TV ad comes in a very Western style. No violence this time, only beer.

“When you are a brewery that does not import barley yet uses 100% Croatian homemade barley, then you want to communicate that,”the agency adds. “The brewery regularly buys the barley from the Croatian producers and strives to contribute to the improvement of local communities, working with only four basic ingredients: barley malt, barley, hops and water.”


Client: HEINEKEN Croatia

Marketing director: Filip Rabuzin

Group brand manager – Mainstream segment: Andrea Mišura Žuvela

Brand manager: Nina Gračanin

Junior brand manager: Tamara Podnar

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative directors: Siniša Waldinger, Ivo Payer

Art director: Tanja Pružek Šimpović

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Copywriter: Vanja Činić (

Senior account manager: Valentina Bugarin

Account executive: Ana Krstić



Brave new world

July 7, 2017


McCann Belgrade’ campaign titled “A world you haven’t met yet” for telecom mts provides viewers with a slightly different view on our daily lives.

“The constantly emerging question while working on this campaign was very clear: How creative can we be in everyday life? The answer to this question is even more obvious and it reads: “creative spite”.” McCann’s creative team says. “To be very clear, we are a creative agency. Our formula is very precise: be creative at any moment, give it your best even when you think you’ve done everything. There is always a step further where a new horizon of possibilities opens. This space should be used without fear and deep conviction that “it doesn’t stand a chance“.”


Copywriters – Vladimir Vuković, Kristina Jovanović

Accounts – Goran Jović, Vladimir Popović

Creative Director – Jana Savić Rastovac

Strategic planner – Aleksandar Milojević

Production – Tuna Fish Studio

Director – Kosta Glušica


Global Headline Makers: Alex Pasini (Sid Lee Paris)

July 7, 2017


By Mark Tungate, editorial director, Epica


Alex Pasini of Sid Lee Paris explains how the European hub of the agency bridges North America and Asia.

I’d always thought of Sid Lee in Paris as a cool agency – almost dauntingly so. It felt like a playground for young creatives who loved working on video games (Ubisoft), vodka (Absolut), energy drinks (Red Bull) or sneakers (Adidas).

Turns out that was only half of the story. The man who put me right was Alex Pasini, SVP global alliances. His title is almost a story in itself.

Alex hails from Montreal, Sid Lee’s home town. By the way, it began life as an agency called Diesel, but changed its name when the fame of the jeans brand began to eclipse its own. Anagram fans will have already spotted how its founders (law student Jean-François Bouchard and graphic design student Philippe Meunier) chose their new moniker.

Alex recalls: “I was a graduate trainee when I joined the Montreal agency, which at that point was about the same size the Paris office is now – about 50 or 60 people.”

Because of Quebec’s failed push for independence in the 1970s, Montreal was frozen out as Canada’s business capital by Toronto. Fortunately, it managed to reinvent itself as a creative hub. As a result, Sid Lee was able to work with iconic creative brands like Cirque de Soleil.

Alex says: “The agency was very human-centric, so they’d look at consumers first and see how they could best interact with the brand, before deciding on the right platform.” Digital expertise was a given: “The first ever website in Canada came from Diesel, in 1997, for the Montreal Jazz Festival.”

From the very start, the agency broke down borders between disciplines. “By the time I joined they’d already begun employing architects, which was quite uncommon to advertising.” So the agency could not only revamp your image – but redesign your offices or stores too.

This skill actually led to the Adidas account. “When we met them in Portland, their advertising was very decent. But the retail experience was broken. We did a small shop-in-shop project in Portland, then a year later we got the call to pitch on a store concept for Adidas Originals. After a while we picked up the entire Adidas business – but our way in was through architecture.”


Flash forward, and today Sid Lee has offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Two years ago the agency was acquired by Japan’s Hakuhodo DY to became part of its Kyu Collective (pronounced “Q”), which includes highly respected design firm Ideo. The idea is to be able to offer top talent in every field.

“From day-to-day we’re still very independent in our way of working. But it’s given us more opportunities.”

Alex is very clear about where Sid Lee stands in terms of the competition: “We define ourselves as ‘creative builders for the modern age’. We build brands, we build authenticity and trust for our clients – but we’re also literally builders, thanks to our architecture practice.”

It’s creativity in a broad sense, he says, and very much attuned to the 21st century way of doing things. “We’re in the business of ‘the now’ – there’s always that notion of being progressive.”

At the same time, despite its digital roots, Sid Lee is unmoved by the prospect of programmatic or “automated” advertising. “We’re about creating culture,” stresses Alex.

He denies that the agency is self-consciously “cool”. “We were aware of that image and deliberately set out to attract more institutional brands. What’s interesting is that it depends on the maturity of the agency in each market – back in Canada, both in Toronto and Montreal, we’re working with big telcos like Vodafone.” In Paris the agency’s roster now includes Yellow Pages and (the bank) BNP Paribas.


Anyone who’s been to Cannes lately knows that the “multi-discipline” approach is now a standard agency pitch. But Alex believes the connection with Kyu gives Sid Lee an edge. One example is Michelin’s recent Moving On mobility conference in Montreal. It brought together three Kyu companies: alternative seminar organiser C2 (“the business conference reinvented”); hospitality and experience management firm Infrared; and of course Sid Lee on the branding and communication fronts.

“That’s a very tangible example of the kind of collaboration we’re able to do, an offer that’s quite unique in the marketplace.”

A planner by trade, Alex is now responsible for pulling these disparate strands together: forming a bridge between the North American and European operations; liaising with the other members of the Kyu Collective; and finding ways of offering the agency’s expertise to existing Hakuhodo clients (for example Honda, luxury brand Longchamp and sweet snack Mikado).

“It’s all about ensuring that the synergies between these three pillars are working properly. We call it ‘the alliance’.” Plus, he says, he still dedicates 20 per cent of his time to developing Sid Lee Paris. Sounds like he’s got his work cut out. “A lot of travelling,” he admits. “And when you’re based in Paris, LA and Tokyo are not easy flights!”

Then again, Sid Lee urges its clients to “believe in change” and “stay one step ahead”. So maybe it’s a good idea to keep moving


Zagreb Be There gets a history, street art and craft beer route

July 4, 2017


Created in 2014 by Bruketa&Žinić OM, an award-winning mobile application Zagreb Be There has been updated with three new routes. TV host Robert Knjaz, street artist Boris Bare and the founder of the Garden Festival and brewery, Nick Colgan recommended new routes for tourists visiting the Croatian capital.

With its five permanent routes, along with two Advent routes and other temporary routes, Zagreb Be There works like a local tourist guide, offering various tour routes of the city on your smartphone.

A TV host, Robert Knjaz came up with a route called Great Croats. He provides tourist with a fun perspective of Zagreb’s history. By taking the Great Croats route, tourists will learn about Slavoljub Penkala, Matija Gubec, Tin Ujević, the Croatian film One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away, and the city’s monument of the unknown boy.

A street artist, Boris Bare came up with a Street Art route of the most interesting murals of Zagreb. If tourists decide to take this route, they will, metaphorically speaking, see all of the colours of Zagreb. “This route contains places which are some of my favourite sights in the city, and that every person who appreciates street art should see. I would be very pleased if I saw similar applications and routes being made for other cities”, says Boris Bare.

One of the most influential foreigners residing in Croatia is Nick Colgan, the founder of the Garden Festival and brewery. He came up with a beer route called Craft, named after Zagreb’s growing craft beer scene. This route will help satisfy even the most demanding palates, who will be able to taste all of the flavours made by local brewers. “This route offers not just amazing beer, but is also a tour of locations you would not be likely to find on your own”, says Nick Colgan.


Bruketa & Žinić OM’s “Hope” shortlisted at the Cresta Awards

July 3, 2017


After a shortlist at 64th Cannes Lions, “Hope” made it to the finals at 25th Annual Cresta International Advertising Awards in Annual reports.

The book “Nada” (“nada” translates “hope” in Croatian) encourages Croatians with hope that the country has a bright future. “The book is sensitive to touch. The more it is used, the more hope there is. Twenty-four top Croatian illustrators contributed to the book by displaying each of the twenty-four biggest projects in the fields of science, education and creativity that have been supported by the Adris Foundation,” the agency wrote.

However McCann New York tops on List with 32 finalists while HEIMAT (Berlin); AMVBBDO (London); Forsman & Bodenfors (Gothenburg) and Leo Burnett (Frankfurt) and McCann Melbourne follow behind.

The Cresta Awards cover TWELVE major competitions: TV/Cinema/Online Film, Integrated Campaigns, Press, Outdoor, Ambient Media, Direct Marketing, Radio, Design, Promotions & Incentives, Branded Entertainment, Crafts

and Interactive. Work is judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its



HURA to launch self-regulatory program

July 3, 2017


Due to “an increased pressure of the regulators in the industry”, Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA) announced its self-regulatory program of education. Aimed at agency professionals, the idea of the program is to educate on self-regulation and regulation in the industry. The best will certify as regulatory experts in marketing communications.


hura-logo“The project aims to raise awareness and raise the general abilities of the implementation of self-regulation of both agency professionals and agencies and their performance on the market. In addition to increase the level of knowledge in the agencies, secondary objective is to increase the number of regulatory experts for marketing communications industry in Croatia,” HURA remarked in a press release.

This way, each agency will get the knowledge with which it will be able to assess the compliance of their advertising wit the ethical and legal standards. This will enable and strengthen their ability to conduct self-regulation. As HURA further states all member agencies will be provided with additional credibility in the industry, which has been recently subdued to an increased pressure from regulators.

All agency members can apply until 14 July 2017 at


Buzz off, mosquitos!

June 30, 2017


Autan's latest effort saved the citizens of Zagreb a bite or two from summer nightmare – mosquitos. In collaboration with Imago Ogilvy, the installations with (literally) safety nets saved visitors of lakes Jarun and Bundek.


Summer time equals picnics, grill and eventually chilling outdoor. You are having a great time until it gets dark and you meet the menace(s) that suck blood out of you. Well, Imago Ogilvy and Autan figured something out.

“With very little intervention in something which exists physically in the real world, the places people usually use as shelters from sunlight also received an additional function so they could now protect from insects as well. The installation tells a story a little differently. Outdoor has shown again that it is not dead at all and how a good idea can still be used in an “oldschool” way,” said Darko Bosnar, innovation director. 

“;I am glad that in these times, when market communication mostly uses new media and platforms, some space can be found for a good old ambient. I have a nostalgic relationship with these kinds of advertisements considering I grew up on them career-wise,” added Igor Mladinović, chief creative director at Imago Ogilvy.

Chief Creative Director: Igor Mladinović
Innovation Director: Darko Bosnar
Art Director Senior: Saša Perić
Account: Maria Šimurina


Golden Drum and The City of Ljubljana invite Young Drummers to participate

June 30, 2017


The City of Ljubljana and the Golden Drum Festival invite creatives under the age 30 to take part in Young Drummers Competition. Entrants are tasked to communicate a slogan Ljubljana – The City to Experience Culture and Art with a poster. The entries will be judged by five-member jury, headed by Tereza Svěráková, Chief Creative Director at Y&R Czech Republic.

Young Drummers Competition Jury (1)

Tereza Svěráková started at McCann Erickson Prague. Prior joining Y&R, she was the Creative Director at Leagas Delaney Prague, where her main responsibility was Skoda Auto’s local and global communication. She has received numerous national and international awards including Clio, D&AD, New York Festivals, Eurobest, One show and Cannes Lions.

Joining her at judging the creative works are Tjaša Ficko, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Gosia Drozdowska, Creative Director, FCB Warsaw, Poland, Franz Riebenbauer, General and Creative Director, Riebenbauer Design, Austria and Philipp Schwartz, Head of Strategic Planning, BBDO Berlin, Germany.

Young Drummers Competition Brief

Young creatives are required to design a creative corporate poster and a slogan that represents Ljubljana as a city of culture and art. You can enter the competition here

More about Young Drummers Competition can be viewed at Oh by the way, the 1st prize is 3000 EUR and a ticket to Golden Drum 2018.