Rap Ode to Healthy Breakfast

March 28, 2017


McCann Belgrade created a campaign for a Serbian chain supermarkets Maxi, promoting its offering of breakfasts in a form of a music video.

“Kids know when someone is trying to fool them, so we decided to let them create the video for “SuperLunch” (“SupeRučak”). We met up one day, at their favorite hangout, turned on the cameras, cranked up the music and let the kids do what they do best – be creative,” the agency wrote in a press release. And the kids got creative indeed: there’s rapping about food, breakdancing and a fork graffiti!


Client: Ahold Delhaize

Agency: McCann Belgrade

Creatives: Miloš Paunović, Slavica Guskić

Accounts: Slavko Marković, Vera Aćimović, Ana Babić

Creative director: Jana Savić Rastovac

Strategic planners: Katarina Pribićević, Aleksandar Milojević

Production: BlekBuk

Director: Ognjen Janković


OMG – A Tequila Cloud

March 28, 2017


How do you present Mexico as an ultimate holiday destination in Berlin during the rainiest month? With a "cloud" that rains tequila of course!

Lapiz, a part of agency network Leo Burnett, programmed the cloud in a way that it rained only when it rained in Berlin. Which, as the agency explained, was pretty frequently during the time of the exhibit in Berlin. Ultrasonic humidifiers were used to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist. This mist was then condensed into liquid form, which fell as raindrops of your more or less favourite alcoholic beverage.


Client: Mexico Tourism Board

Creative Agency: Lapiz

Production Company: Two Bit Circus

Sound: Earhole Studios

PR Agency: MSL Group

Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani

Creative Director: Lizette Morazzani

Head of Art: Flavio Pina

Associate Creative Director: Felipe Leite

Sr. Designer: Juan Carlos Montes

Copywriter: Ana Karina Da Silva

Art Director: Freddy Agostini

Editor: Rodrigo Cantalejo

Strategy Director: Felipe Cabrera

Strategist: Jaime Mougan

Executive Producer: Aldo Gagliardi

Producer: Juale Chavez

Account Director: Ernesto Adduci

Account Supervisor: Daniela Barceló

Account Supervisor: Maria Bonet

Assistant Account Executive: Marie Abboud

Collaboration & Process Director: Julie Ptasinski

Engineer: Chris Weisbart

Engineer: Robb Godshaw



Pavel Vrabec Is the Advertising Person Of The Year 2016 In Slovenia

March 28, 2017


General Assembly of Slovenian advertising chamber (SOZ) named Pavel Vrabec, director general at mediahouse Pro Plus, as its Advertising person of the year.

Pavel Vrabec, director general of Pro Plus

The Slovenian advertising chamber’s prestigious Advertising Person of the Year award recognises men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the Slovenian advertising industry and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards and creative excellence. Vrabec has been the Effie Slovenia Awards jury president, juror at Slovenian advertising festivals and president of the assembly of the Slovenian advertising chamber.

Vrabec has been managing Pro Plus for the last 8 years. He took over the managing position at the times of big changes in media, television and business world. SOZ’s general assembly explained Pro Plus under Vrabec’s leadership established itself as an important player in Slovenian advertising.

Slovenian advertising festival received 396 entries this year

 26th SOF reports an increase of 31 percent compared to 2016. 396 entries will compete in thirteen categories. The submitted projects will be judged by Gal Erbežnik, jury president and a creative excellence consultant, Gregor Ahman, art director at advertising agency Havas Vienna, Miha Bevc, partner and creative director at advertising agency BPCS, Vasilije Ćorluka, executive creative director at advertising agency Publicis One Macedonia, Matija Kocbek, head of design and innovation at advertising agency Pristop, Tine Lugarič, creative director at advertising agency Luna\TBWA, Katja Petrin Dornik, creative director at advertising agency Grey Ljubljana, Matej Praprotnik, assistant director for radio strategies at Radio Slovenia, and Peter Šepetavc, head of marketing at Mediately.

When the time comes for judging the shortlisted works, the jury will be joined by three additional members, who have been named by the Slovenian association of advertisers. These members are Anja Jurca, communication and customer relations manager at Hofer Slovenia, Andrej Krajner, communications director at NLB, and Matevž Šmalc, head of brand and experience at Si.mobil.


Amstel Premium Pilsener Rebrands in Serbia

March 28, 2017



The renewed visual identity follows the brand’s tradition. The main emphasis is on its recognisable red colour of which the brand has been mainly known for around the world. The packaging will continue to feature the 1870 figure, i.e. the year when the brewery has been established. Also, the brand will keep its renown pairs of medals and lions as an important part of its identity. Keeping that in mind, red and white logo in the centre is here to stay as it symbolises founders – Johannes van Marwijk Kooy, Charles de Pesters – and their love for playing pool



Give Your Brain a Break

March 24, 2017


Croatian mobile operator Tomato and Bruketa & Žinić OM came out with a solution that works as a filter for negative news.

Tomato (owned by VIPnet) decided to shake things up with tariffs without unnecessary information. So the partners came up with an extension of its “Give your brain a break” and visual refreshment of the platform. Moreover, consumers can now pick tariffs without any headache. This was made possible by tv ads, outdoor and ATL as well as with fruit juices in front of the nightclubs. As an icing on the cake, they came up with a sort of “anti-BS” button which serves as a filter for negative news.


Client: Vipnet

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić

Marketing director: Lordan Kondić

Director of Brand and marketing communications: Marija Jakeljić

Coordinator: Vedran Hrgović

Senior specialist: Marijana Labaš

Digital media and communications planning specialist: Mila Perović

Media Strategy Principal: Liliana Božić

Creative directors: Davor Bruketa, Siniša Waldinger, Ivan Čepelak

Junior creative director: Đorđe Janković

Account director: Roberta Kranjec

Strategic planning director: Ivan Tanić

Art directors: Ivana Momčilović, Siniša Sudar

Account manager: Dubravka Klepac

Strategic planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Digital account executive: Stipe Bačić

Account executive: Ante Kantor

Copywriter: Martina Tupek

Designer: Alen Lipuš

UX designer: Krešimir Lončar

Production: Kinoteka

Director: Miha Mlaker

Social media and digital production: Degordian

Teleprompters production: Plavi film

Media agency: OMD Hrvatska


Tomaž and Ema

March 23, 2017


Lidl Slovenia continues its cooking series with master chef Tomaž Kavčič. It's only this time he is accompanied by a curious 8-year old Ema who will help him in a kitchen.

In a previous series by Lidl, Kavčič was battling with his Croatian colleague Mate Janković. Anyway, nobody won whatsoever. The campaign aimed to show cooking can be actually fun. With series featuring Ema and Tomaž, Lidl communicates the message that cooking can be child’s play and inspiration for a whole family.


Client’s representatives: Lidija Rakuša (project manager), Valentin Bufolin, Katja Galjot, Karmen Mlinar

Client: Lidl Slovenia

Agency: F2

Client manager: Tatjana Pavlič Fekonja

Project manager at the agency: Petra Trontelj Pečnik

Creative director: Matija Ošlak

Copywriter: Eva Stopar, Matija Ošlak

Art director: Ana Kogovšek

Designer: Miroslav Banovšek

Photography: Suzan Gabrijan

Production: Supermarket

Director: Ven Jemeršič

Media agency: OMG, Mateja Sevšek




Lidl_TomazInEma_Citylight_237x350 (1)




“Start, Slovenia” Among The Most Innovative Campaigns In The World!

March 22, 2017


One of the most important communication projects in Slovenia in the last twenty years, titled “Start Slovenia” has been shortlisted for The Warc Innovation Awards. It's also the only campaign on the shortlist that made it from continental Europe.

"Štartaj Slovenia"'s finalist of sseason 1. Photo: Miro Majcen
“Štartaj Slovenia”‘s finalist of season 1. Photo: Miro Majcen

Last year, Warc announced its Innovation Awards, which recognises innovative thinking that delivers tangible results. Among them is “Start Slovenia”, a joint project between retailer Spar Slovenia, advertising agency Formitas and media house Pro Plus. The project aims to demonstrate that success is achievable if you have a good idea and you’re ready to work hard. “Start Slovenia” involved 12 entrepreneurs who presented 12 products, which were introduced to Slovenian public. Also, they earned their place on the shelves of Interspar mega markets., dedicated to the products of “Start Slovenia”.

“Start Slovenia” is the project that is based on the concept of co-creating brand values along with its consumers in the aim of increasing the value of all brands participating in the project, via high project involvement of target consumers”, said Mitja Tuškej, partner at Formitas.


The winners will be announced at the end of April. See full shortlist here.


Fairytale Put on Pause

March 21, 2017


Advertising agency McCann Skopje and a mobile network operator Vip collaborated on a promotion of its interactive TV service. The TV commercial comes in a form of a (digital) fairytale with an unexpected twist.

The campaign – the first collaboration between the agency and the client – promoting the interactive TV service is a mixture of a Hollywood movie and a documentary that explains the service’s benefits. Mysterious woods, sleeping beauty and a prince on a white horse, you name it! But as the saying goes, wait for it…

@krojanbojan, copywriter at McCann, said the creative team’s imagination was launched by Disney heroes, brave princes, big kings and fairy princesses. “All of these stories are part of our childhood, fairytales our grandparents told us. Fairytales told and retold hundreds of times, fairytales paused somewhere between dream and reality, and then again retold the morning after. Vip’s interactive TV is one kind of digital storyteller. You can pause, record and play again and again whatever you like within the TV program,” he remarked.


OMG – Regret Nothing

March 21, 2017


German DIY-store Hornbach and Berlin-based advertising agency Heimat partnered for a minute of madness, suggesting the only thing you should ever regret about your home projects is not having tried.

The TV ad opens with a boy riding his bike toward the house under construction. Apparently it’s his father happily building a venue in the middle of idyllic plain. Until when it all goes really, really wrong. The house shatters to pieces, shattering the boy’s dad underneath. But the man stands up and… starts laughing uncontrollably. He doesn’t mind that even a big shard of wood is sticking out of the side of his nose. Dirty, covered in blood and probably hurt, he bonds with his son.

Thomas Schnaitmann, Hornbach’s head of marketing in Germany and international communications, said the campaign is aimed at all people who are passionate at their summer and spring DIY projects around home. “Even when these attempts fail, you should only ever regret not having tried,” said Schnaitmann. The campaign rolled out on 17 March in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania. It features tv ad, print, out-of-home, radio, POS, and digital (website, video, display, radio, social media).


Client: Hornbach

Campaign: “Regret nothing”

Agency: Heimat, Berlin

Production: Czar, Berlin

Director: Andreas Nilsson

hornbach-3 hornbach-1 hornbach-2


Zadrga Will Brand FIBA’s Eurobasket Women 2017

March 21, 2017


Slovenian advertising agency has been tasked with the creation of visual identity and branding of EuroBasket 2017 Women. The tournament will be held in Prague and Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) this June.


Based on the locally created tournament logo, Zadrga was entrusted to develop a branding concept (including secondary elements, pictograms, signage, colour hierarchy, claim …) and preparation of all production materials for the promotion of FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017.

The agency already collaborated with FIBA on the executions of EuroBasket tournaments for men in 2013, 2015 and 2017. And as Zadrga states: Girls, the stage is yours!

EBW2017_0015 EBW2017_0012 EBW2017_0011 EBW2017_009 EBW2017_008 EBW2017_002 EBW2017_004 EBW2017_005 EBW2017_007