»NEO« wins the first Gold at Effie Serbia 2018

June 17, 2018


Effie Serbia Jury awarded one gold, two silver and seven bronze effies at award show at the Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel in Belgrade.

The Jury awarded a first Gold Effie in Serbia which went to »Be NEO« campaign by Leo Burnett (Publicis One) for Vip Mobile. The project also won a silver Effie The second Silver went to »Erste Housing Loan Campaign«, created by the Executive Group for Erste Bank.

A total of seven campaigns won Bronze: »Dark means Zaječarsko« by Ovation BBDO for Heineken Serbia, »Serbia is the neXt Inspiration« by McCann Belgrade for The Coca Cola Company, »My Little Cow Yoghurt« by Leo Burnett (Publicis One) and Communis for Imlek. Also, bronze went to »Pre-approval for Quicker Moving In« by Ovation BBDO for Unicredit Bank and campaign »Intermezzo Cash Credit– 7 Years« by Leo Burnett (Publicis One) for Banca Intesa, »New Plazma Experience« and »Vip Tongue Twisters« by Leo Burnett (Publicis One) for Vip Mobile


Kaktus 2018 now open for entries

June 4, 2018


Marketing mreža, organiser of Kaktus 2017 Festival of integrated communications, announced the contest is officially open until 20 September 2018.


Organisations, companies, agencies and institutions can enter in 22 categories. “
In the past year we have seen numerous interesting and innovative campaigns that we believe are worth the attention,. The competition for KAKTUS awards is the opportunity to measure whether these are really different ideas and those that survive, but also those that assess the progress of the profession. In addition, this year the accent of the festival will be on quality and timeless executions, without which no idea could survive.,” the organisers wrote in a press release.

For better transparency of judging, entered project will be judged by two-sided jury. The jury members from Serbia are Ana Šutić, Creative Director, New Moment New Ideas Company; Bojan Brukner, Creative Director, Leo Burnett; Bojan Šaptović, Head of Creative, Pioniri Communications; Igor Grmuša, Country Manager, Degordian; Jana Savić Rastovac, Creative Director, McCann Beograd; Marko Prokić, Creative Director, Wireless Media; Miloš Đurđević, Creative Director, Fullhouse Ogilvy; Nebojša Krivokuća, Creative Director, Communis DDB; Radovan Kupres, Creative Director, LUNA TBWA; Sanja Milaković Kolundžija, Principal, Executive Group; Sonja Grčić, Head of Creative & Video, Represent Communications; Vladimir Mitrović, Creative Director, Ovation BBDO; Voljena Daničić, Head of Creative, Direct Media.

Their colleagues from the region are Bojan Hadžihalilović, Founder and Creative Director, Fabrika (BiH); Boštjan Napotnik, Creative Director, Futura DDB (SLO); Domen Husu, Creative Director, Yin+Young (SLO); Dušan Drakalski, Chief Creative Officer Europe, Ray Production; Ilinka Crvenkovska, Creative Director, Idea Plus Skopje (MK); Nikola Žinić, Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey (HR), Petra Krulc, Executive Creative Director, Grey Ljubljana (SLO); Sašo Dimitrievski, Partner and Board Member, Pristop/Rednerspace (SLO); Sean Poropat, Partner and Creative Director, Studio Sonda (HR); Tomislav Bader, Partner, Švicarska (HR); Tomislav Krajačić, CEO/CCO, Kofein (HR); Vanja Bertalan, CEO, web.burza (HR); Žarko Dimitrioski, Creative Director, Eden na Eden (MK).

More information can be found here.


mts goes environmental

May 3, 2018


In its latest push, mts follows the trend and includes an environmental/social component in its advertising and offer. McCann Belgrade created a beautiful spot, while making a strategic step to enable all its users to become activists in the preservation of Serbia’s natural beauties.

The campaign is based on the study “Truth About Youth”, conducted by McCann Truth Central Belgrade, that 90 percent of young people believe that socially responsible activities should be part of business for every serious brand. Therefore, they want to engage with the brands, in a meaningful way, with something they can relate to and get involved.

The latest mts postpaid offers, Morava, Omorika and Soko, stand out first and foremost because 1 Serbian dinar is allocated from each monthly bill, for programs to preserve the nature of Serbia (which is – as you can see it for yourself in the spot – beautiful). The Morava tariff is named after the largest river in Serbia, and this is the most favorable tariff. Omorika was named after Picea omorika, an endemic conifer of western Serbia, and Soko was named after the hawk of Banat, which lives only in the south-east and a part of central Europe.

“Purpose is a word often mentioned in the theory of modern communication as a link that connects modern brands to today’s people. I’m very proud of this cooperation and the pioneering effort of mts in this area. As of today, we will talk, send messages and use the internet on the phone, knowing that we are part of something bigger,” remarkds Jana Savić Rastovac, creative director of McCann Beograd.


Halkbank goes emotional in a new campaign

April 5, 2018


Halkbank’s latest push created by McCann Belgrade shows its human side for the promotion of cash credits.


McCann’s creative team was given the task of communicating Halkbank’s personalized approach to business, understanding for clients and bank’s credibility to all citizens of Serbia through wit ha strong message.

“It’s always a challenge to step out of the framework of standard presentation of benefits, to change the angle of observation and to wake up emotions among the audience that is already overwhelmed,” remarked Divna Peškir, copywriter at McCann, “The key here were the client’s willingness to go a step further in creating their image, the excellent selection of associates who managed to capture the subtle atmosphere of creation and exchange of emotions, and not allowing the story to slip into pathetic. It was a pleasure to observe the harmonious course of these tender scenes, and to see that this project strengthened the links and understanding among the people who worked on it.”

Account team: Aleksandra Bradić, Jovana Stojanović, Radojka Bošković

Creative team: Divna Peškir, Branko Rosić, Jelena Grahovac

Digital team: Sara Vermezović, Vladimir Kondžulović, Milica Zeljković

Strategy: Aleksandar Milojević

Production: Nebojša Ereš


Srdjan Bogosavljević to head Effie Serbia 2018 Jury

March 11, 2018


Srdjan Bogosavljević of Ipsos Adria has been named as the president of this year’s Effie Serbia jury while Jelena Šarenac of Henkel has been appointed its vice-president. Overall, 52 jurors will judge the most effective work in marketing communications in Serbia in two rounds, between 11 and 12 April and finally on 11 May.

The second installment of Effie Serbia sees an increased number of jurors which are listed here. The organisers claim the jury, consisting of representatives of both advertisers and agencies of all sizes represent the industry as a whole.
“This year the jury consists of mostly of advertisers which is otherwise the trend in the world when we’re talking Effie awards. Researchers, creative strategists, representatives of media and media agencies, educational institutions, as well as experts in the field of digital communications are valuable to us. The goal is that the works applied will be carefully reviewed and evaluated, and that we therefore reward the best,” said Jelena Ivanović, IAA director.


IAB Serbia introduces new leadership

February 20, 2018


Interactive Advertising Bureau Serbia appointed Igor Žeželj as its president and Danka Trbojević as CEO for the term 2018-2019.

According to the new leadership, the main focus will be improvements in all 4 segments of IAB’s interest:

  1. Continuous promotion of digital marketing and its possibilities;
  2. Continuing work on the education of members of the organization, both internally and externally through visits to congresses, organization of workshops, lectures and knowledge exchange with members from other markets;
  3. Work on the improvement of the existing standards;
  4. Increasing consumption through education and involving more advertisers.


Also, IAB will work on the promotion and implementation of DIMAQ programme, Digital Day conference and IAB MIXX awards.


Izazov 2018: Transform your business!

February 5, 2018


12 March marks the start of Izazov 2018, an interactive regional event, aimed at marketing, PR and digital communications professionals from companies and agencies. Transforming your business is the key topic of this year's event, organised by Marketing mreža.

The third consecutive forum of communications leaders Izazov 2017 is set to take place at Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. To support the main theme of the third Izazov Forum of Communication Leaders, the organisers set up a series of interactive workshops that will discuss one of the hottest issues in ad land.

Some of the panels and lectures include:

  1. “Digital is not cheap!” moderated will access a sometimes difficult relationships between clients and digital agencies with their solutions.
  2. Panellists at “Check point > where are we?” will discuss the state of profession In Serbia and in the region.
  3. “Talent, the fuel of the industry – where are they?, what are they doing” will provide the results of the research on trends in Serbia and in the region, followed by the debate about the young talent (not) coming to ad land.

Find out more about Izazov 2018 here. 


New Moment New Ideas is the Agency of the Year 2017 in Serbia

December 22, 2017


In the spirit of its 57th anniversary, Serbian Association for Marketing Communications (UEPS) announced the winners of its annual UEPS Awards contest. Like last year, New Moment New Ideas Company has been named the Agency of the Year who have been handed a Grand Prix for their campaign »One Book for Peace«. Moreover, Vip mobile’s the Advertiser of the Year.


Best Copy award went to Božidar Cvetković (FCB Afirma), IKEA’s “Opening Campaign”. The best Art direction award went to Ivan Nikolić (FCB Afirma) for Stella Artois’“Valentines Day”, while Best direction award has been given to Marko Đilas (New Moment New Ideas Company) for Telenor Srbija’s “4G”. Nemanja Mosurović and FCB Afirma’s campaign “Jelen Equity” for Molson Coors has been named as the campaign with the best music.

See all the winners per category here


Also, Dragan Sakan New Idea award went to New Moment”s “One Book for Peace” for Interreligious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Growing old, growing cold?

December 17, 2017


Getting old is not the favorite conversation topic among Serbians, a research by McCann Truth Central suggests. At the researchers say, it’s the topic to avoid and feel depressed about. About 60 percent of respondents from Serbia denied that they even think about it.

In a global study conducted by McCann Truth Central (a research wing of McCann WorldGroup), called “The Truth about age“, dug deep into how Serbians feel about the process of getting old(er). The respondents admitted that if the subject is brought up, it is usually very unpleasant and a bit painful: people feel concern (26 percent), fear (14 percent) and, an avoidance mechanism through indifference (43 percent).

“Most people don’t think about getting old that often, because just thinking about it bothers them, because they cannot escape the inevitable. So that is why, when asked how they feel about while thinking about the fact they are growing old, the biggest percentage of Serbians say that they are indifferent“, says Željka Mićić, who worked on this McCann study in Belgrade. “Still, it seems that underneath this superficial indifference there are usually concern and fear.”

The young in Serbia are not bothered with getting old. For them, it is still a very distant future. They are focused on what they still need to achieve. As Mičić argues, every generation has its own perception of getting old. “As expected, with years our attitude towards getting old becomes more negative, so the people in their 60’s or 70’s are mostly worried and afraid of what the future will bring, because of their health and financial status,” she explains. It is very interesting that the 20-year-olds in Serbia have the least negative attitude about getting old which is quite the opposite to global trends.

People in their 30s have the most negative attitude about getting old, because they have the most prejudice about “being old”. “Globally, people who have already entered their senior years have the most positive attitude towards old age, because they are living the way they want to, and often emphasise freedom and free time as the biggest advantages of their age. According to the results of the study, people in their forties go through some kind of a crisis“, she says. Furthermore, the researchers have named the 40s as the „years of the resistance“ because that is when the desire to fight back age erupts. Anti-age products included!

Global studies show that when people retire they turn turn to their own needs and wishes, which they couldn’t fulfil earlier, says Mičić. “They travel, have an active social life, turn to hobbies.. One respondent, a 20-year-old from Australia, said that his grandparents have a more active social life than he does. It is almost impossible to imagine such a situation in Serbia. We are a country with a very expressive collectivistic spirit. Here, people turn to families, especially in their senior years. The individual needs take the back seat most of the time, even when there are no obvious obstacles, and primarily I mean the financial ones.”


Make the #Unwanted…. #Wanted

December 8, 2017


Serbian NGO Women’s Rights Center with McCann Podgorica, and McCann Belgrade, created a campaign to launch a petition for legal changes that would prevent the abuse of prenatal tests which consequences are selective abortions.

Creatives were challenged to design an educational campaign that would raise awareness about this problem through the story of the #Unwanted. “I must admit it was much easier to work on a campaign that deals with such a big and sad topic than to talk about it. This is a campaign that is full of emotions and it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to it,” remarked said Sandra Vujović, Creative Lead and Client Service at McCann Podgorica. “We were shocked by the fact that for a part of our society, girls are not as desirable offspring as boys. This indicates that the act of selective abortion itself is, in fact, an awful consequence of this discrimination against female child. So this is not just a campaign that aims to put an end to selective abortions, but to change the whole system of values that nurture the inequality between the sexes.”

Already the first day, with the appearance of obituaries with a reflection of the Unwanted girl in newspapers and public places, amounted a massive public response, the agency states. A striking farewell from the bad value system was organized – the system that builds differences between children, with a symbolic erecting of a memorial to the #Unwanted, in one of the public parks of Podgorica.

“We are most delighted with the fact that Montenegrin citizens have become aware of the magnitude of this problem, and now they are constantly talking about it, and their support to the campaign is gaining in strength, as they express it in a variety of ways,” Sandra Vujović underlined.

However, the campaign is set to continue.