55 agencies with 120 projects enter BalCannes 2017

September 14, 2017


In total 55 agencies from the region entered the competition with 120 projects..

BalCannes Lion2 (1)

This year’s BalCannes entries will be judged by separate panels of judges, consisting of marketers (clients), journalists and agency representatives.

As every year, the best 25 campaigns will be chosen among submitted entries. Yet for the first time in BalCannes history, top 25 list will be presented by each of three juries on 22 September at 10th Weekend Media Festival.

Lastly, do not forget the winning projects will be taken into 2017 B- report summarising the overall performance of the regional advertising industry in 2017.


Bruketa&Žinić OM rebrands to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

September 14, 2017


WPP's unit Grey Group has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Bruketa&Žinić OM as well as a 50% share of its sister agency Brigada. The agencies are now merging with Grey Zagreb to create Bruketa&Žinić&Grey.

From left to right: Davor Bruketa, Alain Groenendaal and Nikola Žinić
From left to right: Davor Bruketa, Alain Groenendaal and Nikola Žinić

As official press release states, “agency Establishes Itself as a Brand, Product & Retail Design Hub, and a Digital Shopper Hub For the Grey Group Global Network”. The management team from now on  consists of Co-Chairmen and Chief Creative Officers, Nikola Žinić and Davor Bruketa with Siniša Waldinger as Executive Creative Director, Damjan Geber as CEO of Brigada and Nikola Bubanj CEO of Grey Adriatics. The agency will operate under the new name as part of the global Grey network.

“Our past work is based on successful collaborations,” remarked Davor Bruketa. “It was just two of us – Nikola Žinić and I – at the beginning and then later we were lucky to cooperate with a great number of exceptional people – creatives, entrepreneurs and all kinds of experts. Today we collaborate with some of the most ambitious organizations in this region. This is a new step in our development. There’s more space for us to grow our ideas internationally.”


Fifth SoMo Borac receives record number of entries

September 14, 2017


The digital awards show sees a 40 percent increase in submitted entries with 145 projects entered in 9 categories.

24.09.2016., Rovinj - 9. Weekend Media Festival 2016. Somo borac. Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL
Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

The most entries have been submitted in SoMo Social (25) while Digital Mix sees 24 entries. 22 projects are competing in SoMo Content.

“We are very pleased to receive a large number of entries in all categories,” remarks Ružica Vrdoljak Ličina, co-organizer of SoMo Borac. “We are especially happy about 16 entries in the category SoMoRitanac, as well as a large number of applications in technology categories – SoMo App, SoMo Web and SoMo

Tech. By what we saw the competition is exceptionally strong and whoever comes to the finals will know that they are doing an outstanding job “.



Boris Rogan named TBWA\Zagreb CEO

September 5, 2017


Boris Rogan will manage the agency's resources and operations of which priorities are to further improvements of the agency's market position and creation of relevant content that will help clients to achieve marketing and business goals.


Prior joining TBWA, Rogan held a position of Client Service Director at Grey Zagreb working with both domestic and international clients such as Renault, Volvo, Wiener VIG, Pepco and many others. “I am well aware of dynamics of agency life and challenges ahead. We will endeavour to further strengthen a recognisable agency culture based on co-operation and understanding, continuous education of staff, encouraging creative thinking and innovation, creating an environment that will attract young talents as well as potential clients,” Rogan said. “We will also work on strengthening co-operation with our colleagues from Ljubljana and Belgrade to provide additional knowledge, experience and opportunities for clients.”


WWF makes a point with serving drinks without ice in chosen bars

September 4, 2017


Despite the heatwave in August, some bars in Zagreb and Belgrade have been serving drinks without ice. Only a straw and a sign was put inside the glass saying “Wondering why there’s no ice? It would be much cooler if you did something about global warming.” This was a message from WWF, but the story doesn’t end here.

Guests were also “served” with a few simple tips&tricks about how each one of us can contribute to decrease climate change on a daily basis. However, guests could get their ice only if they shared a photo of their drink and spread the message via social media. Brewbites Zagreb and Courtyard Belgrade City Center hotel Beograd joined the campaign, created by Bruketa & Žinić OM.

“Climate change is a huge issue and if we don’t do something about it, it will become an even greater problem tomorrow. This is our way of increasing awareness about how each one of us can help. Don’t just sit there and watch the ice melt!” WWF Adria remark.

Project team:

Client: WWF

Chief Communications Officer: Petra Boić Petrač

Communications and Corporate Relations Coordinator: Martina Šubašić

Communications: Denis Povijač, Bojan Stojanović

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić OM

Creative Director: Nikola Žinić

Copywriter: Ivan Pavičić

Strategic Planning Director: Ivan Tanić

Strategic Planner: Tea Silvia Vlahović

Art Director: Nebojša Cvetković

Senior Designer: Dragana Ileš

Account Executive: Sonja Martinović Domitrović

PR Manager: Jelena Mihelčić

DOP: Siniša Pašić

Editing: Davorin Švaner


Studio Sonda to establish a creative center

September 1, 2017


Croatian creative shop Studio Sodna is set to build Sonda Creative Center in its hometown of Vižinada.


“In the years to come, the Creative Center in Vižinada will be built, which aims to raise the business, educational, cultural and touristic level of Istrian Hinterland,” the agency wrote on their website. “The ultimate goal is to demonstrate concretely, by means of measurable statistical parameters within a defined period of time, how properly managed creative processes can contribute to the development of the community.”

Planned contents of the Sonda Creative Center are “educational, socially useful, business and touristic”. The Center is supposed to be 500-900m2 large with with a pop-up shop/presentation space for Croatian design and Istrian products, multi-purpose lecture and presentation hall, meeting/promotion room, kitchen/canteen, photo/video production studio, office and office space for trainees, boiler and storage room and a guest room.

Studio Sonda explains the project and its funding in detail here


How to fight insects – the creative way

August 30, 2017


20,000 visitors of the popular summer cinema Gradec in Zagreb experienced a series of unusual movie trailers, i.e. Imago Ogilvy and Raid promoted Raid spray against flying insects.

While summer time is all fun, insects can be a real pain in the ***. Honestly, we know that annoying insects are one of the biggest problems during warm summer evenings. For that occasion, Imago Ogilvy put up a… anti-insect movie trailer?! Creative trailers before every broadcast presented the usefulness of Raid. Also, it greatly contributed to the reduction of unwanted flying guests on movie projections this year, the agency states.

“We like to communicate the message of brands in a different and unconventional way. People are immune to advertising. We need to find a way to bring brands closer to the consumer in a more subtle and fun way. When the audience applauds you for 30 days straight, then you know you did something right,” remarks Darko Bosnar, Art & Innovation Director at Imago.


Chief Creative Director: Igor Mladinović

Art & Innovation Director: Darko Bosnar

Account Assistant: Maria Šimurina


BalCannes announces final deadline extension

August 29, 2017


Organized by HURA (Croatian Association of Communication Agencies) and the Weekend Media Festival, BalCannes announced the extended – and final – deadline: 8 September 2017


The best 25 projects in the region will be judged by an increased number of jurors. The juries are comprised of journalists, advertisers and for the first time, agency representatives.

Moreover, the jury will award seven (not one as in previous years) BalCannes Lions: the best agency and the best project of BalCannes as well as a Special Jury Prize honoured by agencies, advertisers and media. Additionally, the jury will honour the best project for the regional market and the best project for the international market.

You can follow BalCannes and Weekend Media Festival.


Fabular’s Anja Bauer Minkara in 2018 REBRAND 100 Global awards jury

August 28, 2017


Anja Bauer Minkara, founder of branding agency Fabular will join her colleagues in the jury, which will decide about the best rebounding projects in the world.

18.05.2017. Anja Bauer Minkara, foto: sasa cetkovic
Anja Bauer Minkara, foto: Saša Petkovic

Anja Bauer Minkara is senior branding consultant and founder at Fabular, the specialized branding agency. She led Brandoctor, former Bruketa & Žinić OM’s sister agency, for 14 years.

»It’s an honour. The process of rebranding is very inspirational and demanding. From my own experience I can say that without good understanding of branding and passion for the business it’s impossible to be successful,« Bauer Minkara commented her role.


Señor’s “Honest wines” featured among the best packaging in the world

August 25, 2017


Zagreb based creative shop Señor designed labels for wine producer Matković. Launched in June last year, now they are featured in Lürzer’s Archive’s Packaging Design Worldwide.


Its special edition of Cabernet Franc, named after Zagreb Pride parade, expresses support to “honest love”. According to the agency, they skipped standard marketing “nonsense” and focused on honest moments “in which many can see themselves” instead.

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