Karlovačko beer drops its iconic red for Hajduk FC

April 29, 2018


To honour Hajduk Football Club and its legends, Karlovačko beer - Hajduk’s sponsor - launched a special limited edition of Bila (»White«) can dressed in white colour of this iconic Split club.


Bila is the symbolic colour of the Hajduk club as its footballers carry the nickname »Bili«. It is believed that playing in white jerseys brings them luck.

Along with the campaign slogan »Our blood for the white jersey« (»I krv svoju za bilu boju«), the brewer collaborated with Bruketa&Žinić&Grey to give up its most recognizable element – the red colour – in honour of Hajduk.

“Karlovačko Bila has proved so popular in the field that multi-month supplies were sold out in just a few days,” said Ivo Payer, Creative Director of the campaign, who also noted that there are even cases that individual cans are sold on the black market for ten times more than in stores.


Bruketa&Žinić&Grey is Agency of the Year in Croatia

April 16, 2018


The title ‘Agency of the Year’ at the IdejaX IdejaX competition for the best creative projects in Croatia goes to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. Iskon Interet was named Advertiser of the Year.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, Agency of the Year in Croatia. (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL)
Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, Agency of the Year in Croatia. (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL)

There were many milestones for Bruketa&Žinić&Grey in the last year. The agency, which was the most awarded independent agency in Croatia for many years, has become a part of the global Grey network in 2017, when WPP acquired a majority stake in Bruketa&Žinić OM. Now, in its first year under the new name, the agency has already won the prestigious title of the agency of the year. “We would like to thank all our clients for their trust, and all the others who work or have work in our agency. In the last 20 years we had an opportunity to work with some of the most ambitious people in the country. Their ambition motivates and inspires us,” said creative directors Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić.

Iskon Telekom received the ‘X Award’ for the Advertiser of the Year in Croatia. The Golden Awards were won by Zagrebačka pivovara and BBDO Zagreb for their campaign “Mums and Dads are the best”, Iskon Internet and Señor for “Iskon Casting”, and Jamnica and Imago Ogilvy for “Dear Mr. President”. “BOOKtiga 2017” created by Studio Sonda for City Library Poreč, received an award for best copywriting. The award for the best design went to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey for “Mix it up”. The agency also received the award for the best art direction for Vipnet’s “#Nemadanema”. Telekom Hrvatske and BBDO Zagreb won the award for the best production and technology use in advertising.


Block your creative block

April 10, 2018


What gift should you provide a creative with? Only creative knows. But we all are familiar with that horrible feeling of having a creative block. One of the solution is unBLOK by Zagreb based creative shop Señor.

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Primarily created as a gift for business partners, here comes a notepad called unBLOK. Amongst the hundreds of blank leaves for days when inspiration is at its peak, unBLOK also contains task pages that help break the creative block that affects even the best creatives. A certain exercises are meant to trigger a creative process. “Whether it is a break, evening before a deadline or at a marathon meeting, it’s important for a user to forget the limits, self-censorship, comparisons and all other enemies of creative freedom and try to surprise yourself! It does not have to worry about the correct solutions because there are none,” agency remarks

Therefore, unBLOK found its way ieven out of creative industry and can be found in some specialised shops in Zagreb. There is an English version as well. The agency also notes that one of the fundamental ideas of this project is “to show that each task can have infinite many different solutions. That is why all the owners of the blocks are invited to scramble and send in their solutions to Señor to be part of the exhibition and the Blok party that will be held at the end of the year. Works will not be evaluated. The aim is to inspire different views and approaches.

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Billboard intended to save lives

March 18, 2018


Zagreb based creative shop Señor created an anti-distraction campaign for drivers “Be smart, don't ext and drive” for Outdoor akzent.


According to the campaigners 91 percent of the drivers somehow use phone during driving which increases the risk for an accident for 23 times. Meaning that even that short answer for a text vastly increases chance of an accident. Nevertheless, “constantly online” mantra does not save lives when we’re talking traffic on the road. Even if distracted for a millisecond, you could save or take someone’s life.

“With a simple typographical intervention, we’ve shown drivers the kind of danger represented by smartphones, i.e. gadgets without which we can not imagine an everyday life. Yet used while driving it can cost you a life. We like these kind of minimalist ideas, which intensify the message without a particular storytelling”, remarked Vanja Blumenšajn, creative director at Señor.
Moreover, research has shown that the use of mobile phones while driving at the same time equates a drunk-driving. But driving in a drunken state is socially stigmatized. Agency emphasized this quiet campaign helps raise awareness texting while driving is equally unacceptable and just reminds drivers that drivers who drive should look on the road rather than on the screen


Jamnica switches creative agency, changes slogan

March 16, 2018


Croatian mineral water brand Jamnica along with its new creative agency ZOO does not rest in the light of its 190th birthday. The brand launched a new platform titled “In every moment” (“U svakom trenutku”).

ZOO has been appointed as Jamnica’s creative partner for the next three years. The new approach to communication shows traditional moments of consumption, such as food and wine, and is additionally supplemented with new refreshment options. Jamnica returns to music, this time in a modern way, press release states.Therefore, here comes the new video.
“The new communication of Jamnica has become more sparkling, more relaxed, fun, spontaneous and more present. Reversals have also been recognized by consumers who have rewarded a new video with a large amount of positive comments on social networks,” the company states in a press release.


Darko Bosnar appointed as creative director at Imago Ogilvy

March 16, 2018


Former Innovation Director at Imago Ogilvy Darko Bosnar has been promoted to the position of CD. He helped Imago to win Croatia's first ever Lion at Cannes.


“Darko has earned this for his work even earlier, but now his experience has added to that dimension that is needed for a top creative director. Throughout my career I have not seen a creative with so much energy and enthusiasm for his job, which with the necessary talent, brought Darka to the place where he’s now and significantly contributed to Imago where it is. In our business, the way to a creative director too often goes through the position of a copywriter and so I am very excited that Darko has proved that designers can also be great conceptualists and creative directors,” said Igor Mladinović, chief creative director at ImagoOgilvy.


Ivan Čepelak joins McCann Zagreb as CD

March 5, 2018


Ivan Čepelak has been appointed by McCann from Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, where he spent 11 years. First as a copywriter and later as creative director.


“Ivan’s appointment represents a big contribution to our team both creative- and human-wise. He brings a lot of knowledge and experience. He is smart, steady, open and positive – ideal for McCann where everyone’s friends,” Daniel Vuković, chief creative oficer at McCann Zagreb remarked.

Čepelak worked on many awarded projects and has been named the Copywriter of the Year at 2011’s IdejaX Awards.

“I always appreciated the well-told truth. I am glad that I will now be on the side of those who create it. I am looking forward to a positive and inspiring atmosphere that has been booming our little advertising world for some time and working on new and successful projects. After all, I am becoming part of the Croatian agency of the year. Nuff said!,” Čepelak said who previously worked on campaigns for Podravka, Vip, Adris, Franck and many others.


Days of Communication introduces changes to IdejaX and MIXX awards

March 4, 2018


Croatian national advertising festival will be introducing novelties which will simplify application and improve competition’s quality, the organisers claim. This year transparency is the key focus of IdejaX while MIXX is introducing a new category.

This year, IdejaX focuses on transparency, and the novelties are as follows:

  • Public display of all jury evaluation available on the Days of communication web page after the award ceremony. Applicants will be able to obtain information about individual evaluation of each jury member which will raise evaluation and winner selection transparency.
  • Appointment of Organisation board and jury supervisor whose task is to ensure regulation enforcement, jury neutrality and quality winner selection with maximum objectivity.

IdejaX jury will publicly discuss the best creative solutions. Its members are Jelena Fikuš (Jury President, Studio Sonda), Daniel Vuković (McCann Zagreb), Siniša Waldinger (Bruketa&Žinić&Grey), Igor Mladinović (Imago Ogilvy), Vanja Blumenšajn (Señor), Almir Okanović (BBDO Zagreb) and Jakov Vilović (Utorak).

The changes regarding the digital competition MIXX are as follows:

  • A new category „Search“ which refers to strategies on search engine advertising.
  • 2 rounds of jury decisions-   The first round includes written application evaluation, and in the second one, these written applications need to be supplemented with a video synopsis. This small, but important modifications made the application process easier making room for more contestants and applications.

MIXX jury members are Željko Glavor (1i0/Imago Ogilvy), Fran Mubrin (404), Ivo Novak (Degordian), Mladen Mileusnić (Digitalist), Boris Ličina (Freelance), Miro Brkić (Nivas) and Maja Šplajt (Real group), and the jury chairman is Sanja Đekić from MediaCom.

The application deadline for IdejaX and MIXX approaches! MIXX is a competition designed by the international IAB license, which gives recognition to best digital companies. Application deadline for MIXX is March 8 2018 and for IdejaX March 20 2018. IdejaX is a national creative competition, with big and small agencies applying with their creative ideas and marketing projects.


Life can be painful without Smart

February 27, 2018


Iskon’s crew with promintent Croatian actors is back! Latest effort for Smart packages, created by Señor, shows them taking another set of day-to-day challenges.

Zagreb-based creative agency Señor created a new campaign for ICT company Iskon, featuring prominent Croatian actors Lana Barić, Nina Violić and Krešimir Mikić. The latest push was created accompanying the launch of two new Iskon services, Our crew recently switched to Smart package yet they can’t handle the ordinary life.. It seems like hat the present is not always easy once you get used to ideas from a close future.


6th Days of Communication merges tech and creativity

January 23, 2018


This year's' edition of Croatia's national festival creativity sees the lectures of Jayanta Jenkins, Twitter's global creative director, and Brad Parscale, Donald Trump's digital media director at the presidential elections. The festival will be held between 12 and 15 April 2018 in Rovinj (Lone Hotel).

Brad Parscale was one of the key figures of Trump’s campaign for the elections, With nearly 20 years of experience in digital media strategies, Brad Parscale is today the president of Parscale Strategy, coping with consulting in politics and digital media for some of the Fortune 500 companies. At DoC, he will discuss how Trump’s team attracted votes, which were key to his victory, and how a real-time data and social responses enabled the formation of political messages in a way that had not been applied in campaigns before that.

As the global creative director of Twitter Jayantha Jenkins holds the highest creative position in the company. Also, he won the Outdoor Grand Prix in Cannes 2017. During his career, he worked in advertising agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, TBWA \ Chiat \ Day and as a global creative director of advertising at Apple / Beats by Dre. His award-winning portfolio features projects for Nike, Gatorade and Powerade.

“It’s a great success to bring to Croatia world leaders and experts who create the trends of our industry, so I’m especially proud of this year’s roster of speakers that is certainly the strongest so far,” says Dunja Ivana Ballon (pictured in the middle, with Davor Bruketa (left), HURA president, and Jan Jilek, organisational team member), festival’s programme director. “Days of Communication are a unique opportunity to listen to what they have to say, to ask them questions. All of that stuff while having great fun with our colleagues in the sunny Rovinj.”

New names on the roster are coming soon, check for more.