Google, Microsoft and NASA can’t function without him –meet the world-famous ethical hacker on the Days of Communication

February 14, 2019

The most famous ethical hacker and consultant in detecting cyber threats, Ralph Echemendia comes on the Days of Communications and says: "We can all be hacked. Get over it ". The only hacker that will never steal your data, Ralph Echemendia, arrives in Rovinj to uncover the dangers of the online world.

Echemendia is a world-famous hacker who educates about dangers in the cyber space. Google, Microsoft and NASA have hired him to educate their technical teams. Furthermore, Echemendia worked as an expert consultant on the hit series Mr. Robot and on movies Snowden and Nerve. He was also responsible for finding the person who leaked Eminem’s album.

Life in the online world has become completely mundane. A frequent guest of numerous festivals, Ralph Echemendia, shares his experience on how he “hacked Hollywood”, and reveals a thin line between security and danger in the cyber space. Popular topics like identity and data theft, false news and vulnerability of cryptocurrencies, are always greeted with standing ovations.

In Rovinj, Echemendia will educate the participants not only about why is hacking happening, but on how it is happening. He will also explain why every piece of information has a great value in creative processes of agencies and in keeping the confidential information safe within the industry.

By visiting the Days of Communication in Rovinj from 28th to 31st March 2019, you can attend the fascinating lecture “How safe are we?” and find out how to protect yourself by protecting your online information.