“I’m here just for the biscuits”

July 4, 2018

Montenegrin Telekom and McCann Podgorica have launched the Magenta 1 service package with a push featuring a football legend Dejan Savičević.

You are comfortably waiting in the family circle for a hardly expected match. And then the doorbell rings. It’s none other than Dejan Savičević, a football legend, explaining some sport terminology.

“We’ve created a campaign whose protagonists are family members who each day use all the benefits of the Magenta 1 package, wanting to show how our modern communication tools make us even more connected with our family members, but also with those who are not. We alluded to the fact that modern communication has the power to ‘expand’ our family and make it easy for family reunions to become a mass event,” said Jelica Jauković, director at agency McCann Podgorica.