Advertising is important, but beer is even more important

June 22, 2018

Bruketa&Žinič&Grey and Karlovačko team up with an interesting push. No fancy advertising during World Cup, so just made a beer cheaper instead.

The agency was faced with a brief that literally went “make a cheaper campaign,” The team started with the idea of saving everything on the soccer&beer ads. An additional “inspiration” was the fact that they could not use the image of national team of Croatia and its symbols because of sponsorship contracts

“These year we cut our investments in advertising and media buying. Instead of top-of-the-line production, celebrities and special effects in their advertising, we realized that what really matters to our consumers is beer. We decided to invest in a lower price of Karlovačko. And we’ve learned something from this – we do not have to have expensive TV commercials to attract the attention of consumers and make them laugh,” remarked Filip Rabuzin, marketing director at Heineken Croatia.