Zlatan’s right routine

May 27, 2018

Scandinavian Design Group and McCann Stockholm launch Zlatan's new skin care products.

Zlatan Sport

Zlatan Ibrahimović aims to simplify things for all men who want to take care of their skin, so he’s launching a skin care series, as a whole new series of grooming products, titled Zlatan Sport. The concepts and designs were developed by Scandinavian Design Group together with Amazing Brands, the entrepreneurs behind Zlatan’s perfume and skin care brand while the the launch campaign “The Right Routine” is signed by McCann Stockholm.

With Zlatan Sport, we get to know Zlatan even better – and take a peek at his own necessities. The Zlatan Sport series is based on Zlatan’s own skin care routines and it’s intended even for those guys and men who don’t usually use skin care regularly. It is reflected in both design and communication, as well as in affordable prices in retail.

We have deliberately worked to create a more direct and easily accessible design that appeals to many, at the same time as it will appear in the shelf, make an imprint and be something the target audience wants and needs on their bathroom shelf, “says Henrik Walse, Design Director at Scandinavian Design Group.