Creative cities: Amsterdam

May 21, 2018

In the first of a new series drawing on the advice of the Epica Awards jury, journalist Nils Adriaans of Dutch magazine Adformatie and his film maker pal Ruben van Leer share their Amsterdam hotspots. “I sometimes miss the gritty city of the 1980s,” Nils notes.


The most creative museum or gallery

The Stedelijk Museum of modern art in Amsterdam (with its awesome new website by Grrr and designer Bas Koopmans), is rocking the new wave with current expo featuring talented designers Studio Drift – running until August 26th. A film featuring mysterious flying concrete objects in the installation Drifters is a collab with our friend the film maker Sil van der Woerd. Drifters is a 12-minute film shot in the Scottish Highlands: you can see the already mesmerizing trailer here.

Café de Wetering_db2146540c

The café where you go to read, write or be inspired

Golden oldie Café de Wetering remains one of Amsterdam’s hotspots for getting drunk (or tipsy) with friends and solving the world’s problems together, next to a huge fireplace, with maybe a game of chess and of course some heavily salted Dutch cheese on the side.
restaurant Breda_34c72b6283

A restaurant with a difference

Restaurant Breda. A bit (too) expensive, but absolutely worth it – due to the exquisite cuisine, perfect service, superb location on the canals and the right lighting in a beautiful setting.
skyline North Amsterdam_34c72b6283
The most creative neighborhood
Amsterdam-Noord, or the Northern part of Amsterdam, across the water behind the Central train station. The city is becoming too expensive for artists, so they “flee” to the outer rims of Amsterdam. Investors jump into it, sucking up the creative energy and voilà: Noord has been born! That is, with gentrification in the back of my mind, for as long as it lasts…
Bungehuis Soho House_34c72b6283
A building you find stunning

Het Bungehuis
 in the Spuistraat, downtown Amsterdam. It’s a bit of a controversial building, because it belonged to the University of Amsterdam and students who didn’t want it sold “to the market” squatted it for a while. But it’s being completely renovated right now as the Amsterdam branch of Soho House, the creative members’ club. I got a private tour last week, and it’s going to be stunning and beautiful. I’m a supporter of this next creative hub in the city center!
he store you can’t pass without going in
Fashion store FOUR, in and around the corner of the luxurious P.C. Hooftstraat. We’ve got a weak heart for talented fashion designers’ clothes. Most of these kinds of exclusive shops have sadly left the city center (like the infamous SPRMRKT, which can now only be found on Ibiza). FOUR is opening their new bigger store just around the corner. Hail to FOUR, going strong!