mts goes environmental

May 3, 2018

In its latest push, mts follows the trend and includes an environmental/social component in its advertising and offer. McCann Belgrade created a beautiful spot, while making a strategic step to enable all its users to become activists in the preservation of Serbia’s natural beauties.

The campaign is based on the study “Truth About Youth”, conducted by McCann Truth Central Belgrade, that 90 percent of young people believe that socially responsible activities should be part of business for every serious brand. Therefore, they want to engage with the brands, in a meaningful way, with something they can relate to and get involved.

The latest mts postpaid offers, Morava, Omorika and Soko, stand out first and foremost because 1 Serbian dinar is allocated from each monthly bill, for programs to preserve the nature of Serbia (which is – as you can see it for yourself in the spot – beautiful). The Morava tariff is named after the largest river in Serbia, and this is the most favorable tariff. Omorika was named after Picea omorika, an endemic conifer of western Serbia, and Soko was named after the hawk of Banat, which lives only in the south-east and a part of central Europe.

“Purpose is a word often mentioned in the theory of modern communication as a link that connects modern brands to today’s people. I’m very proud of this cooperation and the pioneering effort of mts in this area. As of today, we will talk, send messages and use the internet on the phone, knowing that we are part of something bigger,” remarkds Jana Savić Rastovac, creative director of McCann Beograd.