Block your creative block

April 10, 2018

What gift should you provide a creative with? Only creative knows. But we all are familiar with that horrible feeling of having a creative block. One of the solution is unBLOK by Zagreb based creative shop Señor.

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Primarily created as a gift for business partners, here comes a notepad called unBLOK. Amongst the hundreds of blank leaves for days when inspiration is at its peak, unBLOK also contains task pages that help break the creative block that affects even the best creatives. A certain exercises are meant to trigger a creative process. “Whether it is a break, evening before a deadline or at a marathon meeting, it’s important for a user to forget the limits, self-censorship, comparisons and all other enemies of creative freedom and try to surprise yourself! It does not have to worry about the correct solutions because there are none,” agency remarks

Therefore, unBLOK found its way ieven out of creative industry and can be found in some specialised shops in Zagreb. There is an English version as well. The agency also notes that one of the fundamental ideas of this project is “to show that each task can have infinite many different solutions. That is why all the owners of the blocks are invited to scramble and send in their solutions to Señor to be part of the exhibition and the Blok party that will be held at the end of the year. Works will not be evaluated. The aim is to inspire different views and approaches.

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