Billboard intended to save lives

March 18, 2018

Zagreb based creative shop Señor created an anti-distraction campaign for drivers “Be smart, don't ext and drive” for Outdoor akzent.


According to the campaigners 91 percent of the drivers somehow use phone during driving which increases the risk for an accident for 23 times. Meaning that even that short answer for a text vastly increases chance of an accident. Nevertheless, “constantly online” mantra does not save lives when we’re talking traffic on the road. Even if distracted for a millisecond, you could save or take someone’s life.

“With a simple typographical intervention, we’ve shown drivers the kind of danger represented by smartphones, i.e. gadgets without which we can not imagine an everyday life. Yet used while driving it can cost you a life. We like these kind of minimalist ideas, which intensify the message without a particular storytelling”, remarked Vanja Blumenšajn, creative director at Señor.
Moreover, research has shown that the use of mobile phones while driving at the same time equates a drunk-driving. But driving in a drunken state is socially stigmatized. Agency emphasized this quiet campaign helps raise awareness texting while driving is equally unacceptable and just reminds drivers that drivers who drive should look on the road rather than on the screen