Jamnica switches creative agency, changes slogan

March 16, 2018

Croatian mineral water brand Jamnica along with its new creative agency ZOO does not rest in the light of its 190th birthday. The brand launched a new platform titled “In every moment” (“U svakom trenutku”).

ZOO has been appointed as Jamnica’s creative partner for the next three years. The new approach to communication shows traditional moments of consumption, such as food and wine, and is additionally supplemented with new refreshment options. Jamnica returns to music, this time in a modern way, press release states.Therefore, here comes the new video.
“The new communication of Jamnica has become more sparkling, more relaxed, fun, spontaneous and more present. Reversals have also been recognized by consumers who have rewarded a new video with a large amount of positive comments on social networks,” the company states in a press release.