Izazov 2018: Transform your business!

February 5, 2018

12 March marks the start of Izazov 2018, an interactive regional event, aimed at marketing, PR and digital communications professionals from companies and agencies. Transforming your business is the key topic of this year's event, organised by Marketing mreža.

The third consecutive forum of communications leaders Izazov 2017 is set to take place at Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. To support the main theme of the third Izazov Forum of Communication Leaders, the organisers set up a series of interactive workshops that will discuss one of the hottest issues in ad land.

Some of the panels and lectures include:

  1. “Digital is not cheap!” moderated will access a sometimes difficult relationships between clients and digital agencies with their solutions.
  2. Panellists at “Check point > where are we?” will discuss the state of profession In Serbia and in the region.
  3. “Talent, the fuel of the industry – where are they?, what are they doing” will provide the results of the research on trends in Serbia and in the region, followed by the debate about the young talent (not) coming to ad land.

Find out more about Izazov 2018 here.