Our Top 10 – Grey Ljubljana

April 28, 2017

26th Slovenian advertising festival (SOF) had its say on which agency has really hit the mark this year in Slovenia. Grey Ljubljana has proven themselves with their creative ideas as they've won the title of the Agency of the year. This week, it's their turn for "Our top 10".


“From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity. It’s our team spirit, encapsulated in the ‘We is better than me’ statement that drives our creative process, which is based on an attitude of open collaboration. Our culture of openness represents one of our core values and is reflected in every aspect of our agency. From offices without barriers, to minds without boxes and ideas without limits. It is our all-inclusive, integrated and playful approach to work that produces creative, original and exciting ideas, Famous and Effective that won us the infamous title Agency of the year at the Slovenian Advertising Festival this year and landed our agency among the TOP 5 in the Adriatic region (BalCannes competition).”

Campaign: Bedtime Fairy Tales (2016>>)

Client: Si.mobil

“Bedtime Fairy Tales – audio stories that promote intergenerational bonding between senior citizens and children – have been an emotional and moving project for us as well as the client since the very beginning. But above all, the project has been especially meaningful to Retirement Home storytellers and their caregivers as well as an unbelievable experience for parents and their toddlers, who are still listening to Bedtime Fairy Tales and supporting this far-reaching intergenerational project.”
Lahkonocnice_300dpi_CMYK_02 Lahkonocnice_300dpi_CMYK_03


Campaign: The Cancer Bra (2016)

Client: Palmers

“It’s rare, and for that reason so much more precious, when a pressing health issue, out of the box thinking and an open-minded client come together in one single project. By placing a small silicone lump inside the bra and recreating the feeling of a tumour, we managed to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage women to practice self-examination on a regular basis. A project that still resonates to this day. If one single life was saved, we can without a doubt say: this was our project of a lifetime!”

Campaign: Triglav Drajv (2015>>)

Client: Triglav Insurance

“Triglav Drajv is the first mobile application in Slovenia that enables drivers to lower the premium of their car insurance up to 25 percent. By utilizing smartphone sensors, the application keeps track of safety during driving, calculates the achieved points at the end of the ride and in doing so encourages safe driving. We are glad to have been a part of the first launch of such a solution in our region.”

Campaign: #SmallVictories (2016)

Client: Si.mobil

“It’s the little things that count in life. The small, everyday victories. We took this quite literally, and created an ode to everyday heroes, to all the small battles won. Not just with an epic TV commercial, but also quite literally – creating little victorious moments for the people out there. A truly inspiring campaign, that made this world a bit better … and what is even better? The #SmallVictories (#MaleZmage) spontaneously became a part of an urban dictionary!”

Campaign: The Beach Stories (2016)

Client: Si.mobil

“The Beach Stories are short stories, written by renowned Slovene authors. This project, created for Si.mobil, enabled Slovenes to read contemporary Slovene literature with a simple and accessible mobile solution that helped increase the reading of such literature in the summer time.”

Campaign: ORTO DIL – Urban Speaker (2017)

Client: Si.mobil

“We like doing never-before-seen things first, just like we did for the ORTO youth brand. We used the first-ever mobile directional speaker with a range of 50 m and hit the streets with ORTO Hustlers that presented the best deal in the country.”

Campaign: 2900 (2016)

Client: Ščurek Vinery

“A special region, a special winemaking family, a special wine. The result? 2900, a special edition of wine from Goriška Brda that receives at least 2900 hours of sunlight per year, a fact that makes their wine unique. Cheers!”

Campaign: The Fishcatcher (2014)

Client: Simčič Vinery 

“One of our biggest passions at Grey is design. That is why we are always happy to create projects for exceptional brands, that promote the product’s advantages in a surprising way and at the same time preserve the excellence of design. The Fish Catcher is definitely one of those projects!”

Ribolovec_72dpi_RGB Ribolovec_300dpi_CMYK

Campaign: The Start of Something Amazing (2017)

Client: A1 Slovenija

“It’s a rare opportunity to co-create such a special story where a brand that has been present in Slovenia for almost two decades transforms into a new one. An amazing new platform that we look forward to evolving.”

Campaign: Colors as Unique as Your Emotions (2015)

Client: Jupol Gold, JUB

“Colors are full of emotions and tell many stories. We saw a campaign for Jupol Gold as an ideal opportunity to play around with slogans that verbalize our previous statement in a witty way: colors as unique as your emotions.”

BarveEdinstveneKotObcutki-BALADA-72dpi BarveEdinstveneKotObcutki-KUVERTA-72dpi BarveEdinstveneKotObcutki-SEKS-72dpi BarveEdinstveneKotObcutki-SOSEDJE-72dpi BarveEdinstveneKotObcutki-SVICARSKI FRANK-72dpi