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UM: Our Attention Span Is Shorter Than Ever

March 15, 2017

Guess what: consumer attention span is becoming shorter and shorter. The results of UM’s latest research among social media users Wave 9 provides marketers with implications for their (often overseen) work.

How short's our attention span?
How short’s our attention span?

Brands, wake up – and good luck with catching our attention

Global agency network UM has unveiled the results of the ninth annual survey on the habits of users of social media – Wave 9. The study’s message is pretty clear: consumer attention is becoming shorter and shorter, while consumer expectations of brands are at an all-time high. Covering a sample of over 52,000 respondents in 78 countries worldwide, data were used to investigate 20 emotional states of the consumer.

Retailer’s moments of truth in SEE

Wave 9 showed that the consumers’ feelings when purchasing products vary widely, depending on the context. For example, when researching new products online consumers have positive emotions, whereby the “expectation” is the primary feeling in Serbia (18 percent), while “interestingness” was the strongest feeling at that moment for consumers in Bulgaria (35 percent), Bosnia and Herzegovina (29 percent), Croatia (20 percent) and Macedonia (27 percent). In Bosnia and Herzegovina (21 percent), Bulgaria (22 percent), Macedonia (18 percent) and Serbia (17 percent) most people have the need to “learn something new”, while in Croatia, the need to “stay informed” (20 percent) is the primary one when researching a new product.

When these same consumers go for a weekly shopping, their primary emotion is “boredom” in Bosnia and Herzegovina (24 percent) and “relaxation” in Bulgaria (15 percent), Croatia (20 percent), Macedonia (30 percent) and Serbia (27 percent). Their greatest need at that moment is to “stay informed” (Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia) or “to have fun” (in Bulgaria and Macedonia). These needs are best met using social media channels, which almost 60 percent of consumers across the region see as the media that serve to “stay informed” or to “have fun”.

All the results of global research Wave for the SEE countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia, will be announced soon.

Source: UM