Mercator Picks Arnoldvuga As Its Creative Agency

March 14, 2017

Arnoldvuga’s new role will see the agency tasked with taking on refreshment of the brand and creative and communication strategy.


Mercator director of marketing and development Viktorija Radojević remarked: “Arnoldvuga brought the team of Slovenian experts from different areas. won the pitch and one of the biggest Slovenian companies as a client as well.” The winning team consists of Radovan Arnold, Janko Hočevar (Aragon), Stojan Pelko (Korpus), Aleš Kočevar, Jure Kožuh, Anže Veršnik, David Fartek and Urša Kovačič.

Radovan Arnold, partner and creative director at Arnoldvuga, told MM the agency took on the pitch systematically and designed an integrated communications platform. New Mercator’s campaign featuring BTL and ATL activities is set to launch in April. “We are delighted for winning the project. It seems we’ve been going in the right direction through all these years. Projects for Slovenian tourist organisation, Slovenian steel industry and E3 prove it,” added Vuga.