A Secret Event – Sine Metu Style

March 13, 2017

In February, RSVP festival awarded the best of what the regional event industry has to offer. The Croatian agency Komunikacijski laboratory was honoured with “Attend” Award for putting up invite-only “John Jameson Secret Event”. The event caught the hype with a contest that featured writing a letter to Mr. Jameson himself. We talked to KL’s event director, Mr Hrvoje Markešić, about the campaign’s overall success and, nevertheless, his favourite among the letters.

You put up a secret Jameson party, which turned out to be an “event of the year”. How are you satisfied with the (business) results of the event and eventually the campaign? What was your main focus?

Business results of the event was much more than we expected. When we started to create this project with our client we developed KPI-s we must achieve and to prove that the budget we invested in the project have a great return. Our KPI-s was to achieve big media coverage (traditional and digital media), create communication content for traditional and digital media, create CRM data base of potential consumers and stimulate word of mouth effect. All of these KPI-s was achieved – 35 brand articles in print, digital and online media, increase of fans on Jameson Croatia Facebook site, 200 000 impressions, total reach of 700 000 and 50 000 unique project video views.

What was the strategy behind the activities on social media that were building up the momentum straight to the event?

From the beginning we need to create creative and interactive content which will awake our target group and separate us from the forest of all other digital projects especially from our competitors. We developed user friendly application so all our target group could involve and interact. We ask our consumers to write creative letter to John Jameson and explain what is the reason to choose him/her among total group. We had more than 2500 application entries and among all we pick only 10 of them to join our secret event.

You won Attend award at RSVP. What does it (“It” means organizing one of the best events in the region J) mean to you and your work?

It was really good feeling but maybe the best of this award was that you just catch a break and feel good between all the project on which we are currently working on.

Hrvoje Markešić, event director at Komunikacijski laboratorij
Hrvoje Markešić, event director at Komunikacijski laboratorij

You seem to have a very successful relationship with your client Pernot Ricard. Let’s not forget the drone delivery of Mumm Grand Cordon on Hvar… Could it be described as a win-win business partnership?

It is always a win-win situation. Our client with their brand such as Chivas, Jameson, Absolut, Havana is on dark market in Croatia which means that they can not invest their marketing budgets in traditional marketing channels. Our task is always to deliver great content and big idea to attract our target groups and spread communication massages to them. Our work with them is always very measurable and ever time at the beginning of the project we define KPI-s that we need to achieve.

Finally, potential attendees of the awarded Jameson event were tasked with a letter to mr. Jameson himself. Komunikacijski laboratorij published one of the letters on its blog. Which was your personal favourite? We assume some got really creative.

Most of the letters were really interesting and we had an ungrateful job to pick only 10 of them.

This is one of the favorite:

“Dear John Jameson!

There is a strong relationship between us and I swear every time I give up and break up with you, and again I love you and embrace you on Saturdays. We act like teenagers, but no one said that love will not hurt. Do not break my heart without a call !!!