UEPS Awards 2016 Now Closed for Entries

December 12, 2016

Serbian Association for Marketing Communications (UEPS) reports entries for its annual UEPS Awards came in bigger numbers compared to last year.


“We saw a lot of quality entries for this year’s competition, coming from domestic marketing, PR and media professionals, as well as from advertisers themselves. The creativity of the domestic advertising industry, spread across 18 categories with 22 sub-categories, shows its readiness to answer the market challenges, regardless of current conditions,” UEPS wrote in a press release, claiming Serbian advertising scene was very »dynamic« in 2016 as integrated campaigns represent a 13 percent share in the total number of entries (the highest for a third year in a row), which indicates systemic approach to communication with the market, using a mix of available communication tools and resources invested from companies and brands.

This year saw the highest number of entries coming from banking and financial sector, followed by telecommunications and culture. Internet marketing, whose share in the total number of entries had seen constant growth in the last couple of years, hit 17 percent – same as last year. The structure of entries and applicants shows that, regardless of the type of activity, there are ever-present investments in marketing presence on the internet such as beverages, food and cosmetics. The biggest jump in the overall number of entries has been made in the category of TV ads, which grew from 4 percent in 2015 to this year’s 8 percent of the total number of entries.

It is quite the same in the category of social responsibility and humanitarian projects (campaigns, events, PR) which hit 9 percent of the total number of entries, which is, compared to last year’s 5 percent, quite a significant jump that speaks in favor of the importance of social component in communication.
The category that refers to the creative use of media is jumping this year by 2 percent, same as the category of direct marketing, of which number of entries more than doubled (2 percent last year) and hit 5 percent in the total number of entries.

The newly introduced category Creative Efficiency has seen a lot of interest from the market, receiving 3 percent of the total number of entries.
The largest number of applicants came from advertising agencies, including the UEPS Award »rookies«, but there were also entries from the media and advertisers, all of which shows the jury will be subdued to a lot of work this year.