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Melanoma Likes Me

June 2, 2016

Although nearly two years old and with summer on the door, "Melanoma likes me" campaign still indicates the power of social media at its best. An online persona was created for Melanoma, making it possible for the skin cancer Instagram account and Twitter account to like, follow and comment on the social media activity of young Australians spending time in the sun.

According to WPP (George Patterson Y&R’s owners), melanoma haunts outdoor, in-the-sun Australians. It’s the most lethal cancer for those between 15 and 30. To reach this elusive group, George Patterson Y&R created a mobile campaign for Melanoma Patients Australia, Melanoma Likes Me, An application would search popular sun-linked hashtags and geolocations for posts from young Aussies in the sun.

Melanoma – online persona was created.

Then the agency’s social media team – as the creepy online persona ‘Melanoma’ – would ‘like’, ‘follow’ and comment. The messages arrived in real time, ‘approving’ the sun-damage and cancer opportunity, to an overwhelming reception. Messages from ‘Melanoma’ were retweeted, shared and re-shared through a vast social media network.

#Sunbathing, anyone?
#Sunbathing, anyone?

A unique algorithm found and responded to popular hashtags and geo-located images. It sent millions of tailored messages, straight to our hard-to-reach audience; right when it could make the most difference. By clicking on the profile they could check for melanomas and learn about prevention. #Sunbathing anyone?