Snapchat: The new ad platform

January 8, 2016

Snapchat is becoming an ad platform? Make sure your ads are funny, different and short!

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“Popular app – especially among teens – could soon experience a major change with the launch of the application-programming interface (API). With this it would become a real ad platform. This would mean better and easier ad buying, and targeting for agencies and brands. But there is a question of quality if that happens. Is it possible that Snapchat holds to its ‘cool vibe’ and at the same time become an industry, worth a few hundred million dollars?

Today most of the digital campaign focuses on Facebook and Instagram, but Snapchat left its mark also. We can find some good Snapchat campaigns in Croatia, and Fanta brand in Serbia positioned itself as a leader in mobile marketing.

So, we can’t say that Snapchat its just an app for teens…”

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