New Book from Mitja Tuškej: No Friends No Brands

December 22, 2015

No Friends No Brands is not just a manual for branding but also a memoire of Mitja Tuškej, partner and marketing strategist from Formitas agency.

One of the top branding specialists in the region, Mitja Tuškej (Formitas, Direct Media), published a book entitled No Friends No Brands (Brez frendov ni brendov), also in cooperation with the Slovenian brand Marketing Magazin. This is the ultimate manual for branding, a personal story and a book we did not know was so needed.

Mitja Tuškey (Photo:
Mitja Tuškey (Photo:

What an excellent feeling to publish a new book. Congratulations to Mitja Tuškej for this excellent work on more than 350 pages! The content is useful, as it is based on real cases and in adapted to the region we live in. The obviously vast knowledge of theory by Mitja Tuškej is tailored to everyday work in marketing, advertising and communications in Slovenia and the region.

A detailed presentation of the book will be published in the next, 415th issue of Marketing Magazine.

Brez frendov ni brendov